June 7 — “The Right Place” by Slaraffenland


If you only listen to one song today, make it “The Right Place” by Slaraffenland (2009, from the album We’re on Your Side).
Slaraffenland is an five-piece rock band from Copenhagen, Denmark. Their experimental style falls somewhere in the general vicinity of chamber pop, indie rock, and folk. They’re often mentioned in the same breath with their fellow countrymen and like-minded musicians Efterklang. The two bands collaborate quite often, and have even released two live records together under the moniker “Slaraffenklang”. On one of those records, Slaraffenland covers Efterklang and vice versa.

“Slaraffenland”, by the way, translates roughly to “Land of Milk and Honey”.

I learned about Efterklang quite by mistake one day, and liked them quite a bit. Pretty quickly, I found out about Slaraffenland. I was, though, not so quick to gobble up the Slaraffenland catalog. Actually, the only record that I have is their most recent one, which was released three years ago. Today’s song is one of my favorites from that record.

“The Right Place” by Slaraffenland

I’ll might or might not fill in some details later. I just want to get this post up and running.

For extra credit, you should check out the tribute to Radiohead’s OK Computer that Stereogum curated. Lots of indie bands covering the songs on that iconic album to mark its 10 year anniversary in 2007. Slaraffenland does “Paranoid Android” with flair. Grab that free download here.

It’s sort of spendy to buy the album in physical form from the Slaraffenland web store. It’s a little less spendy to buy it from the amazon store. I won’t blame you, then, if you use the bandcamp page to grab a digital download for $5 USD.

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