June 16 — “Already Elsewhere” by The Six Parts Seven

The Six Parts Seven

If you only listen to one song today, make it “Already Elsewhere” by The Six Parts Seven (2004, from the album Everywhere and Right Here).

The Six Parts Seven was a post-rock band from Kent, Ohio. They released five proper albums between 1998 and 2007, and are on an “indefinite hiatus”. There were many people in and out of the band in their decade of activity, but the core of the band is/was the trio of Allen Karpinski (guitar, bass, keys), his brother Jay Karpinski (drums), and Tim Gerak (guitar, banjo, lap steel).

Unlike most post-rock bands, The Six Parts Seven used, for the most part, “clean” guitars. Unlike most post-rock bands, they’re not loud.

Like most post-rock bands, they use some odd, math-y signatures. Like most post-rock bands, their songs area a little long-ish. Like most post-rock bands, they’re instrumental. Today’s song, and the album from which it came, has vibraphone all over it.

Well, hear it for yourself:
“Already Elsewhere” by The Six Parts Seven

The Six Parts Seven don’t usually use very much if any effects on the guitars. This is one of the songs that has quite a bit. Still, though, it’s nothing crazy.

That’s all I have to give about this song.

You can buy the digital version of Everywhere and Right Here, or any of the individual tracks from the bandcamp page.

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