June 22 — “Cheer Me Up Thank You” by New Buffalo

Sally Seltmann (New Buffalo)

If you only listen to one song today, make it “Cheer Me Up Thank You” by New Buffalo (2007, from the album Somewhere, Anywhere).

New Buffalo was, for nine years, the stage name of Sydney, Australia native and indie rocker Sally Seltmann. Under the New Buffalo name, she released two albums. In 2009, she decided to use her real (married) name of Sally Seltmann. For trivia’s sake, she’s married to Darren Seltmann, who sings and plays keyboards in the Aussie electronic band The Avalanches. She released one record as “Sally Seltmann” before forming a band called Seeker Lover Keeper with fellow Aussie chanteuses Sarah Blasko and Holly Throsby.

Today’s song comes from the second of the two “New Buffalo” albums. I only learned about New Buffalo because of my obsession with Canadian indie rock. Both of the New Buffalo albums and the Sally Seltmann solo record were released on the Canadian label Arts & Crafts, and I remember discovering this album while exploring the A&C website one day.

I like the whole album, but I like the first three songs of Somewhere, Anywhere more than the rest. Tonight’s song is the first song.

Unfortunately, I have other things on my plate tonight, so I’m keeping this very short. Here’s tonight’s song:

“Cheer Me Up Thank You” by New Buffalo

Right from the drop, this is a badass song. At 0:03, there’s that bit where she harmonizes with herself. It’s crazily reminiscent of the first minute of Queen’s “Bohemian Rhapsody”, when they do that stunning four-part harmony. On this album, Kellie Sutherland is credited as a guest vocalist, but I think there’s at least three vocal parts here. At least two of them are Sally. I might be making that up, but there’s no other female credited on this album, and I think I hear more than two parts. Either way, the harmonies are pretty great. It’s a simple song, it’s a delicate song, and I love it.

You can get Somewhere, Anywhere in a variety of formats directly from the Arts & Crafts web store here. If you want to spend an extraordinary amount of money to buy it from the Sally Seltmann site and have it shipped from Australia, that’s an option, too.

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