July 5 — “How About Hero” by The Kelley Deal 6000

Kelley Deal

If you only listen to one song today, make it “How About Hero” by The Kelley Deal 6000 (1995, from the album Go To The Sugar Altar).

The Kelley Deal 6000 was an alternative band based in St. Paul Minnesota from 1995 to 1997. They released two albums and were put on permanent hiatus in 2007. They were centered around Kelley Deal, who is the identical twin sister of Kim Deal. Kim, of course, is from Pixies. The Dayton, Ohio natives played together in The Breeders, but Kelley was on the wrong end of a highly publicized heroin arrest in 1994. Her arrest, incarceration, and court-ordered rehab put The Breeders on hold.

While Kelley was in a St. Paul rehab facility, she started writing songs that would eventually end up on Go To The Sugar Altar. If I’m completely honest, I don’t really like very much of the Kelley Deal 6000 stuff, but today’s song is an exception. Most of her solo stuff doesn’t sound much at all like The Breeders, but “How About Hero” always made me think that it was written for but deleted from Last Splash.

This is that song:
“How About Hero” by The Kelley Deal 6000

The Kelley Deal 6000 recorded and released another album — Boom! Boom! Boom!— in 1997. After touring with that album the band was put on permanent hiatus.

For a few years, Kelley held a grudge against Kim because of Kim’s own drug use, but mostly because Kelley thought that Kim had something to do with the involuntary rehab. After a few years, she got over it, and the Breeders were reunited. They put out two albums and an EP since 2002.

In her years of sobriety, Kelley has taken up knitting. Not just as a hobby, but as a passion. She knits and sells knitted handbags, scarves and things like that. She’s written a book about it.

Kelley has also just started a new band called R. Ring.

For extra credit, here’s a bizarre music video for “How About Hero” that’s mostly an imitation of Xena:Warrior Princess. Strange.

You can get Go To The Sugar Altar from the amazon store. Really, though, you’ll be fine if you just get the individual song.

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