July 8 — “Slow Burn Treason” by Holly Miranda

Holly Miranda

If you only listen to one song today, make it “Slow Burn Treason” by Holly Miranda (2010, from the album The Magician’s Private Library).

Holly Miranda is a multi-instrumentalist and dream-pop performer who grew up in Detroit and is now living in Los Angeles. She dropped out of school at the age of 16 to pursue a music career, and almost immediately landed a record deal with BMG. A record was made, but never released. In 2000, she walked away from that major label record deal to start a band called The Jealous Girlfriends. That band achieved moderate success, and called it quits in 2007. Or as the kids would say, they’re “on hiatus”.

For the second time in her young career, Holly Miranda decided to go out on her own. In 2008, Chrysalis Records financed the recording of what would eventually become The Magician’s Private Library. She got a lot of help from the guys in TV On The Radio on this album. Kyp Malone, Kaleel Bunton, and David Sitek each played key roles on the album. It sat on the shelves for two years, until she inked a deal with XL Recordings. Finally, in early 2010, her album was released.

Some people say that The Magician’s Private Library has a Cocteau Twins feel. Some would say that it has a Mazzy Star feel. Some would say that it has a (decidedly much less dark) Zola Jesus feel. I can’t really argue with any of that.

While there are some really great songs on the album, your song of the day is by far my favorite. This is that song.

It’s easy to get pulled into the mesmerizing drone of this song. It’s soothing and very pleasant, and before you even realize it, the song has hit the 4:00 mark. It’s right around then that the violin bit sneaks its way into the song, and then towards the front of the song. It really works well for me.

That bit with the violin is one of my favorites. Another is at 2:20, when she and Kyp Malone harmonize for the first time. It’s a pretty nice vocal harmony and just a nice sonic moment.

Her album was met with generally favorable reviews. My experience has been that it’s grown on me. I’m liking it a lot more right now than I did when it was still really new to me.

She was able to get a ton of exposure from this album, as she went on multiple tours as everybody’s “special guest”. Among the bands that she has opened in support of: Tegan and Sara, The XX, Florence and The Machine. That’s really not bad company at all.

She was living in New York all that time, but now lives in Los Angeles, where she is working on material for a new record.

You can buy a physical copy of The Magician’s Private Library from the XL recordings web store. You can also get it digitally from any of your favorite legal downloading places.

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