Technical difficulties. Please stand by…

Dear readers,

Unfortunately, I have to make the blog go dark for a couple of days.  I have technical difficulties at This is That Song headquarters.
For the second time in 30 months, a squirrel has chewed through the “neutral” of the power line coming into my house.  The damaged neutral wreaks havoc on the flow of electricity to the house, eventually resulting in an outage.   For some reason, either the squirrel’s teeth or some tiny explosion also disrupts the flow of cable/internet.  This has happened at my house twice in less than three years, and apparently it’s a common issue on tree-lined streets with overhead power/cable lines.

Within 30 minutes of reporting the issue, the good folks at Duke Energy had a man out here to fix the damaged lines.  My cable/internet provider says that the best they can do is to have someone out here on Monday night.  Monday night!  That’s 72 hours from now.

I’m typing this on my mobile phone, and I’m finding out that there’s no way I can make my song du jour posts this way.  Because I need to upload files to a server, taking my laptop to a public place with free wifi won’t help me, either.  While I’m not ruling out visits to the library, I think it’s most likely that I’ll have to let the blog go dark until the internet issue is resolved.  I don’t like doing this.

As bad luck has it, all of my interns are at Pitchfork, having a very good time.  So is my proxy.  I can’t pawn this off on any of them.  I’ll say again…  I hate doing this.

By Monday night, I should either have the lines repaired or I will have a new cable/internet provider.  We don’t get UVerse or FiOS in this area, so my options of awesomeness are limited.

Sorry about the interruption.  I
hope that all of you enjoy your weekend.

Don’t worry.  I’ll be back.  Eventually.


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North Carolina born and bred. I'm a restaurant guy who spends free time listening to music, watching hockey and playing Scrabble. I have a bachelor's degree in political science and I will most likely never put it to use. View all posts by dlee

2 responses to “Technical difficulties. Please stand by…

  • James Mustard

    This is not acceptable. Kidding…haha!

  • WJPurdy

    Indeed, we are having a very good time at Pitchfork. Godspeed was very, very good outdoors. The only thing that would have made it better would have been had they projected images of squirrels chewing wires behind the band.

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