July 17 — “Lonely Creatures” by Kashka

Kat Burns

If you only listen to one song today, make it “Lonely Creatures” by Kashka (2010, from the Orinoco EP).

Kashka is the “solo” project of Kat Burns, who formerly fronted the Toronto indie band Forest City Lovers. It’s the work, primarily of Burns, and it looks like there’s going to be a constantly changing cast of supporting characters.

In 2010, while Forest City Lovers was still a thing, Burns decided to work on something different, and that ended up being the two-song EP Orinoco. The sound is really not that different from Forest City Lovers. Just with a bit of electronic stuff.

Here’s today’s song:
“Lonely Creatures” by Kashka

I like that it’s only a little bit electronic. Like The Postal Service or something. And that it’s still rooted in instruments, even if they’re electronic instruments. And of course, I like that Burns’ vocals are still the star of the show.

As luck has it, Kashka is releasing their debut full-length album — Vichada. I didn’t know that until I started writing this. I’ve listened to it, and it’s quite a bit different from Forest City Lovers. It doesn’t even sound much like the Orinoco EP. It’s much more electronic and dance-y. Even Burns’ vocals are treated differently. Whereas her voice is very girly and sweet in Forest City Lovers (and also in the two songs from Orinoco, her voice is lower and flatter on the new record.

Here’s a sample song of the new record:

Now… Here’s the thing about the new record. It’s being released on cassette tape. That’s right. Not only that, but it’s a limited edition purple tape. I don’t know if she’s trying to tip her hat to Pixies, whose first release was a limited release purple cassette. But that’s what that is. People who purchase the cassette through the bandcamp page here will receive a digital download and a personalized postcard from Kat herself. Digital options are of course available, but it’s pretty neat that it’s being issued on cassette. Not on CD. Not on LP. Cassette or digital only. I doubt that I’ll order the cassette. I’m not even sure that I’ll get the digital version.

This wasn’t supposed to be about the new album, but feel free to buy it. This was supposed to be about “Lonely Creatures” and the Orinoco EP. You can also buy that from the bandcamp page here. You can also sign up for the Kashka mailing list, and you’ll get Orinoco for free.

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