July 21 — “Lake Superior” by Jason Collett

Jason Collett

If you only listen to one song today, make it “Lake Superior” by Jason Collett (2010, from the album Rat A Tat Tat).

Jason Collett is an indie rock/alt-country singer/songwriter from Toronto. He was a constant member of Broken Social Scene and has now released five solo records. Although he stopped touring with BSS after You Forgot It In People, he remained a member of the band. Actually, he wasn’t even officially in the band until then. This move to pull himself away from touring was done in the interest of furthering his solo career.

Rat A Tat Tat is the only one of Collett’s solo records that I’m familiar with. I called it #13 on my favorite 15 Canadian records of 2010 list. It also made the Polaris Music Prize long list that year.

I don’t have any stories about or even any knowledge of Jason Collett other than that he’s a hippie. So without further ado, I’ll just present today’s song.

“Lake Superior” by Jason Collett

It sounds a bit to me like Roxy Music. Or T. Rex. Or Wilco. Or Wilco doing a cover of a Roxy Music song. Let’s go with that one.

Even though I listed this among my favorite albums of 2010, I kind of forgot about it until I recently saw a car commercial that featured the Jason Collett song “Love Is A Dirty Word”. I was reminded that I like this album, and when I revisited it, I was reminded that I love today’s song.

I’m not entirely sure that the song is about the body of water. Not like the brilliant Rae Spoon song “Great Lakes” anyway.

One of the things that I really like about this song is the line:

Raindrops falling in the headlights
Windshield wipers slapping time

which is followed by a really thunderous drum fill in the bridge to the next verse.

Although I appreciate what T Rex, Bowie, Roxy Music,and others of their ilk did, I don’t normally go for that glam rock sound that he’s embracing here on this song. I can only stomach very small doses of that sound. However, I think that “Lake Superior”, with all of it’s glam-rock styling, is brilliant.

Buy Rat A Tat Tat from the Arts & Crafts web store here.

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