September 2 — “What Dreams” by Lilac Shadows

Lilac Shadows

In our continuing series on bands who will be playing at next weekend’s 2012 Hopscotch Music Festival, today we look at the indie psych-pop band Lilac Shadows. Of the 175 bands in the lineup, about 30% are locally grown. Lilac Shadows, who call Durham home, are among the 30%. Like about 60% of the lineup, I’d never heard of them before I started doing my Hopscotch homework. I’m glad that I took the time to familiarize myself with them, and I’ll make efforts to see them on the very busy Thursday night.

Three of the five members of Lilac Shadows are also in the Carrboro band T0W3RS, who are also playing the festival. Lilac Shadows formed in 2010, and by my best estimation, the only thing that they’ve officially released is a five-song EP called A Shallow Madness. That was released this spring, and is available in LP, cassette and digital forms.

Although both the band name and the name of their EP brings to mind Pale Saints, they don’t sound very much like them. There’s some aspect of ethereal dream-pop in Lilac Shadows, but I’d be more inclined to use words like “psychedelic” and “spaced out” than “airy” or “gauzy” to describe them.

Today’s song is the second song from the EP. This is that song.

“What Dreams” by Lilac Shadows

Listen for the fuzzy, crunchy guitar at 2:04. It hangs around for about a minute, then goes away. Later, at about 3:55, there’s another bit to watch out for. That guitar there is one of the airy, gauzy bits that makes me think of Slowdive. That bit alone makes it worth the price of admission.

You can get Shallow Madness from the Lilac Shadows bandcamp page here. The cassette is a limited run of 100 copies, and only two remain. Get yours now.

Lilac Shadows will be playing on Thursday night, the best night of the festival. They’ve got the 9:30-10:30 slot at King’s Barcade. Directly before Free Electric State. You’ll probably be able to find me there.

I’ll have a few more Hopscotch-centric songs du jour before the festival actually starts on Thursday. I’ll be writing updates from Hopscotch, but I think I’m gonna have to put some songs du jour in the can and release them remotely. Or perhaps I’ll recruit a guest writer for Friday and Saturday only.

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