September 6 — “Hours We Could Have Spent…” by Jenny Besetzt

Jenny Besetzt

Today, we continue our series on bands who will be playing at this weekend’s Third Annual Hopscotch Music Festival. The three-day festival starts today! This is the first year that I’ll be attending the entire festival. I only went to one of the City Plaza shows the first year. Last year, I had every intention of going to the whole thing, but I had an unexpected life change that threw a wrench in that plan. This year, I decided that I was going to go to the whole thing no matter what. As it turns out, I even get to cover the festival as a member of the “media”.

So the festival starts today, and while there are FREE day party things going on all afternoon, the real action kicks off after the sun goes down. By 9:30pm, there will already be 14 different venues with bands on stage, and it all happens in a radius of like five city blocks.

Anyway, one of the first bands to play tonight will be Jenny Besetzt. They’re a five-piece indie band from my current hometown of Greensboro, North Carolina. For all I know, they could be my next door neighbors.

The band isn’t named for a person. It’s like Bettie Serveert. There is no Jenny Besetzt, but it probably doesn’t stop people from calling the girl in the band “Jenny”. As it turns out, besetzt is a German word. They claim that it means “demoniacally possessed. Batshit possessed”. Aside from being able to ask how much something costs and how to count to three, I don’t speak German. The internets do, though. I checked it out, and what I’m being told by the interwebs is that “besetzt” actually translates to “occupied. busy”. You would tell someone that you couldn’t go to the movies with them because you were “besetzt”. Again, I don’t speak the language, but I think “besessen” is closer to their “batshit crazy posessed”. But who am I?

There’s almost no available information about this band other than the stuff on their Hopscotch page. I’m pretty much regurgitating that here.

Anyway, until a couple of weeks ago, I’d never heard of this band who describe their sound as “sparkle-core” or “dream-punk”. There’s only three of their songs out there on the interwebs, and I like them all. It’s easy to see why they’ve been given spots supporting the likes of Memoryhouse and No Age. Some people say tha they’re a bit like Beach House, and I can certainly understand the comparison.

Also, if you only listened to the first 25 seconds of today’s song, you might think that they’re hugely influenced by Joy Division and that this was their attempt to write a Joy Division song. Listen for yourself:
“Hours We Could Have Spent Fucking With The TV On” by Jenny Besetzt

I like it. I don’t know what else to say. There’s a pause near the end of the song, and I don’t know if it’s in there on purpose as a false ending. You know how much I love a false ending. I have a sneaking suspicion that it isn’t in there on purpose. I think it might be the product of sloppy digital transfer or a corrupted file or something like that. Either way, it’s still a good song.

The band say that they have an album coming out very soon. They had hoped to have it ready to go before Hopscotch, and I don’t have any idea whether they have it ready or not. An easy way of finding out will be to go to their show tonight at White Collar Crime. They’re the first band on that stage, and they’re scheduled to start at 9. You can definitely find me there. Single day and three-day passes are still available. Go here for tickets.

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