September 11 — “Coral” by GRMLN

Yoodoo Park (GRMLN)

Today, we’re dipping back into the This is That Song mailbag. I got this one a couple of weeks ago, when I was smack in the middle of the “bands who will play at Hopscotch” series, and I set it aside for now. If you only listen to one song today, make it “Coral” by GRMLN (2012, from the forthcoming EP Explore).

GRMLN is the stage name for 19-year old Yoodoo Park. He was born in Kyoto, Japan, raised in Southern California, and is currently a student at University of California Santa Cruz. Yeah. The Banana Slugs.

Park got a bass guitar when he was 13, and he’s been playing music ever since. When he’s not in school, he plays in a live band with his brother, he fiddles around in a primitive recording studio in his parents’ garage, and he writes songs for himself.

The mix of jangly guitar, muted vocals, and washed out bass and drums gives it a very “California” feel, that some non-Californians have started to co-opt. It sounds like a lot of stuff, including the Irish surf-gaze band Girls Names, and the Toronto surf-gaze band (and Hopscotch 2012 alumni) Odonis Odonis, and even a bit like Best Coast, who are actually Californians. However, it still sounds fresh.

Today’s song is just two minutes long, but it’s two minutes of bliss.

“Coral” by GRMLN

I really like the layered vocals. I don’t know if it’s just him, or if there’s another voice, but the layers make it so much more delicious.

This track is available as a free download from the Carpark Records soundcloud page here. The EP will be released on October 23.

Remember, the mailbag is your friend and mine. I’ve gotten some amazing stuff in the mailbag, even if I’ve had to swim through a lot of other stuff to get to it. I listen to everything that comes to the mailbag, and some if it, frankly, isn’t my style.
Whether you’re a promoter, a label intern, a band member, or something else, send me your stuff. Send me MP3s. Send me download codes. Send me soundcloud or bandcamp links. Mail me physical CDs. Please include an EPK, a one-sheet, or some sort of band bio with a photo that I can use. DO NOT send me dropbox files.

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