September 16 — “Unfolding Black Wings” by Violens


If you only listen to one song today, make it “Unfolding Black Wings” by Violens (2012, from the album True).

Violens is a dream pop band from Brooklyn. They formed in 2007 and have released two full length albums to date. Although the lineup has changed, the band was founded by a few of the founding members of the indie band and art collective known as Lansing-Dreiden. Namely, the multi-instrumentalist Jorge Elbrecht. They’re currently, as far as I know, a trio.

I’ve never heard their 2010 debut album Amoral, but in Truth, it’s pretty evident that they take quite a bit of influence from Pale Saints. To hear them tell it, they’re also influenced by bands like The Cleaners From Venus. I admit that I know nothing of that band other than that they’re favorites of the good folks over at Captured Tracks Records.

The band describes today’s song as “an aural approximation of a (Francisco) Goya etching“. They say that the song is a nod to Daydream Nation-era Sonic Youth and also to Thinking Fellers Union Local 282. The guy who wrote it can say whatever he wants. I still hear Pale Saints instead of that stuff. Not the tidy Slow Buildings(1994) Pale Saints, but the same band who was darker and muddier in 1990 with The Comforts of Madness Pale Saints. Specifically, the song “True Coming Dream”.

I’ll let you decide for yourself. Here’s today’s song:
“Unfolding Black Wings” by Violens

This guy sings a lot like Ian Masters from Pale Saints. Based on that alone, I just can’t see how anyone can avoid the comparison. The music is pretty similar, too.

I like that it goes 18 seconds before the drummer counts it off with clicks. After that, it’s really bassy for a few seconds, then gets back to it. At 1:24, there’s another count-off, and it gets even heavier with the bass after that one. I didn’t really notice it the first couple of times I listened, but it’s a neat little difference the second time.

I can’t really explain why I like those count-offs, but I do.

True is one of the many brilliant 2012 new releases on Slumberland Records. You should buy your physical copy through the label’s web store here.

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