October 27 — “I Want More” by The History Of Apple Pie

The History of Apple Pie

If you only listen to one song tonight, make it “I Want More” by The History Of Apple Pie (from the forthcoming 2013 album Out Of View). This version is taken from the brilliant Daytrotter Session on October 26. That same day, I got something in the trusty mail bag, inviting me to pre-order the band’s debut album, which will be released on January 28 (UK) and 29 (US), 2013. In a way, then, this one comes from the mail bag.

The History Of Apple Pie is a five piece fuzzy noise pop band from London. They formed in 2010 when Jerome Watson and Stephanie Min (who are dating each other) had an accidental collaboration. She had never sung before, but he “made her” lay down some vocals on some songs that he was working on. A few months later, they had cobbled a band together. They recruited Kelly Owens, who was a friend of a friend, to play bass. Despite (or maybe because of) the fact that she had never played bass before. Guitarist Aslam Ghauri and drummer James Thomas replied to online classified ads. If this story is starting to sound a tiny bit like the biography of Galaxie 500, don’t be so surprised. THOAP is influenced a great deal by Galaxie 500. In fact, Stephanie Min is wearing a Galaxie 500 tee shirt in the picture, above. They’re also influenced by the likes of Pavement, Sonic Youth and Blur. That’s what they say anyway. I’m hearing a bit of Ride, a bit of Velocity Girl, and a bit of some other things. No matter what, it’s clear that these kids are taking pages out of the early-1990s indie kid handbook.

To date, they’ve released three 7″ records, and each has been well received. Each sold out. They also went on many tours as the support act, they’ve played loads of festival shows, and they wowed audiences at HMV’s “The Next Big Thing” festival. Indeed, this band is proving that they’re set to be one of the next big things.

After signing to Rough Trade Records, they recorded an album which is being preceded by a huge amount of fanfare. From the songs that I’ve heard, the fanfare is completely justified. That Daytrotter session is one of the best things I’ve heard all year. Click through that link to go to the session, then make sure that you become a Daytrotter subscriber. If you use that link, you might help me earn some rewards from the awesome folks at Daytrotter. The rewards that I might get notwithstanding, membership is its own reward. It’s only two bucks a month, and you get loads of exclusive downloads, streaming concerts, videos and whatnot from some of today’s up-and-coming bands. Seriously. Join Daytrotter.

Speaking of that Daytrotter session, it’s about time to get down to one of the tracks from it:
“I Want More” (Daytrotter Session) by The History Of Apple Pie
EDIT — song no longer available

Right from the drop, I’m reminded quite a bit of the beginning (after the 0:10 mark) of “Reptile Smile” by Th’ Faith Healers UK. That’s a really brilliant song, by the way. And the first ten seconds of “Reptile Smile” are reminiscent of the first three seconds of “A Deep Sleep for Steven” by Pale Saints. And this meta-thing could go on and on, but I’m gonna make it end right there.

Min’s singing isn’t perfect, but it’s perfect for what they’re doing. And what they’re doing is fantastic. And they’re only going to get better. A lot better.

All four songs from the Daytrotter session will be on Out Of View, and some have been previously released. “Do It Wrong” and its b-side “Long Way to Go” are on the album. Their sun-drenched single “Mallory” and “You’re So Cool” are both included on the album, but their b-sides, “Shelf Life” and “Some Kind”, respectively, are not.

If you’re as excited about this as I am, you’ll head over to the Rough Trade web store and pre-order the album, which doesn’t even come out until the end of January. I’m not sure if all pre-orders get it, or just the earlybirds, but right now, they’re adding a bonus four-track CD to your order whether you order vinyl here or CD here. I routinely use Firefox, but the ordering process is going to run much smoother if you use Chrome. No matter which browser you use, be sure to join Daytrotter.

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