November 5 — “Falling”, as covered by Field Mouse

Field Mouse

If you only listen to one cover song tonight, make it “Falling”, as covered by Field Mouse (2012, from the “How Do You Know” single).

Field Mouse is a dream pop quartet from Brooklyn who formed in 2010. They’re not to be confused with the UK twee band from the late 1980s and This is That Song alumni The Field Mice. This band is centered around the ethereal vocals of singer/guitarist Rachel Browne. With guitarist Andrew Futral, she crafts heavenly soundscapes reminiscent of the best of early-to-mid-1990s 4AD Records. That stuff is back en vogue now, and you could also say that it sounds like some of the brilliant new stuff coming from Captured Tracks Records. I’d buy either argument.

Unfortunately, Field Mouse is a band that I know nothing about. I got something in the mailbag today about this song, which is the b-side to a single called “How Do You Know”. The same email suggested an alternate version of “How Do You Know”, remixed by This is That Song alumni Exitmusic. It’s good to know that when they’re not too busy canceling shows and starring in HBO dramas, the members of Exitmusic found time to remix a song for this band. That’s my long way of saying that tonight’s song comes from the mailbag. And that I’m still bummed that Exitmusic had to back out of the Hopscotch Music Festival.

If you’re of a certain age, or if you’re a woman of any age, you may recognize this song as being a cover of the theme song from the teevee show “Twin Peaks”. I never was and never will be a fan of any movie or teevee shows made by David Lynch. I will excuse The Straight Story from that, and I’ll stand by my anti-Lynch stance. I’ve made an effort with a lot of his movies, and I just don’t like them. In a related fashion, I have a firm anti-Laura Dern stance. I’m not sure if I dislike her because of her association with Lynch, or if I dislike Lynch because of his association with her. She’s like a marginally less annoying Andie Macdowell. I digress.

Anyway, this is a cover of that song originally done by Julee Cruise on her 1989 album Floating Into The Night. The instrumental version was turned into the theme song for the Twin Peaks teevee series.

In 1992, the song was brilliantly covered by This is That Song alumni The Wedding Present as a b-side to the “Silver Shorts” single. I’ll share that with you as well. That was back when they released one single a month every month for 18 months. It made for some pretty great collections (Hit Parade Volumes 1-3). More recently, it was covered by This is That Song alumni Girls Names. See the video for that here.

I don’t have the original, so I can’t share that one with you, but it’s all over the youtubes.

Here’s today’s song:

“Falling” as covered by Field Mouse

I really love this. The first time I listened to it, I had a sort of “ho-hum” reaction to it, but with repeated listens, I’m more and more impressed by the layers and complexities of the soundscape. One of the things that makes me love it so much is that it reminds me very much of Slowdive. Specifically in the choruses, when there’s some vocal effects to create layers and chorus, it sounds so much like what Slowdive was doing with Rachel Goswell’s vocals. Particularly the songs from Souvlaki, like “Machine Gun” and “Sing”.

I also like that they kept it real. They kept it super-dreamy, like the original. Girls Names turned it into a sort of psychedelic thing. The Weddoes started off keeping it real, but they ended up turning it into something really rocky. It’s magnificent, but it’s quite different. Here that is, for comparison:
“Falling” as covered by The Wedding Present

As far as I know, Field Mouse only has this single, another 7″ record from this year called “You Guys Are Gonna Wake Up My Mom”, and a digital single called “Glass”. I hope to see a full-length album from them in the near future.

You can order the “How Do You Know” 7″ single from their label, Lefse Records, or just get the download from Amazon here, or from some other legal downloading place.

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6 responses to “November 5 — “Falling”, as covered by Field Mouse

  • Porkchop

    I love this post even if you are anti-Lynch. I can honestly say I’ve never met anyone who held a firm stance against him! How refreshing. I do love this cover. I’d also never heard The Wedding Present version. Pretty great!

  • dlee

    Thanks, Andi. My anti-Lynch stance is unpopular with my friends. They all say things like “The only reason you don’t like ‘Inland Empire’ is that you don’t understand it”. Okay, fine.
    My dislike of Lynch/Dern started with Wild At Heart. Which I won’t hold against Nicolas Cage.

  • Porkchop

    I can completely understand your dislike of both Lynch and Dern. I do like old Lynch, but he lost me after Lost Highway. Good soundtrack on that one though. As for Nic Cage, i will always love him. Did you see my latest Apartment Life story? I put a clip of him in Vampire’s Kiss.

    • dlee

      As I was reading your Apartment Living post about Las Cucarachas, your first comment came in. I was making a lame attempt to refer back to your post by mentioning Nic Cage.
      Even though he’s made some forgettable movies and some bad movies, I still like Nic Cage.

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