November 9 — “Fifteen” by Super Wild Horses

Super Wild Horses

If you only listen to one song tonight, make it “Fifteen” by Super Wild Horses (2010, from the album Fifteen).

Super Wild Horses is a two-piece lo-fi punk band from Melbourne, Australia. Amy Franz and Hayley McKee met at an all-girls Catholic High School in Perth back in the late 1990s. They became good friends, and they formed a band twelve years later despite having very little idea of how to play their instruments.

They got some help from some of the right people, impressed the right people with their energetic live shows, and had some demos fall into the right hands. They ended up releasing Fifteen to critical acclaim in 2010, and went on a world tour.

Pretty much everything that’s ever been written about Super Wild Horses states the obvious. These girls harmonize in a way that makes them sound freakishly similar to Kim and Kelley Deal. The girls from Super Wild Horses aren’t twins, or even sisters for that matter, but they have that thing, and at least one of them has just the right amount of sultry, husky, gravel in her voice to remind me of the parking lot of a bar.

Incidentally, that’s my best pick-up line. “Your voice reminds me of the parking lot of a bar”. No wonder I’m single….

Anyway, listen for yourself.

“Fifteen” by Super Wild Horses

Remember back in the early days of The Breeders? On Pod, back when Kim Deal was drinking and smoking a lot, and her voice was shot. Go back and listen to that record. Especially, the song “Oh”. It’s a great song and a fantastic album, and Kim’s damaged vocal chords are part of what makes it so interesting. I’m not at all suggesting that the girls in Super Wild Horses party as hard as Kim Deal did in the late 1980s and early 1990s. It’s highly doubtful. I’m just saying that there’s some infectious huskiness to the vocals. I don’t know which one, or if it’s something about the harmonizing, but it’s mesmerizing. Sexy, even.

This song is only two minutes long, but it comes off like an epic. At least it does when I play it five or seven times in a row.

Go to the Hozac Records online store to purchase Fifteen, or get it from your favorite legal downloading place.

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