November 14 — “Shonen Hearts” by Parakeet


If you only listen to one song today, make it “Shonen Hearts” by Parakeet (2012, from the Shonen Hearts EP).

Parakeet is a noise-rock trio/supergroup from London. The band is comprised of Mariko Doi from Yuck on bass and vocals, James Thomas from The History of Apple Pie on drums, and guitarist Jon Jackson, who used to play in some band called Loverman. So far, they’ve only released a 7″ single. Their EP Shonen Hearts releases physically next Monday. You can stream it now here, and you can purchase a digital download from their bandcamp page here by paying £4 or more.

I’ve been getting stuff in the mailsack about Parakeet’s 7″ record “Tomorrow” and about them being on tour with The Walkmen. Today, I got something else in the mailbag about Parakeet debuting a video for today’s song. After watching the 90s-esque video, I decided that it was time to finally write about Parakeet.

People almost always use Dinosaur Jr as a “sounds like” reference when they’re talking about Yuck, and they might do the same when they talk about The History of Apple Pie. It’s no surprise, then, that Parakeet might be described as “like Dinosaur Jr”. I might say that about some of the guitar bits in today’s song, but it’s not entirely fair to categorize the band, or even the song in that way. On some of their other songs, there’s much more of a “power pop” sound.

Whatever you want to compare it to, here’s today’s song:
“Shonen Hearts” by Parakeet

I don’t think that this band is going to turn as many heads as Yuck or The History of Apple Pie, but this is still pretty fun.

For extra credit, here’s the video, which they debuted today:

Remember back in the early-mid 1990s when bands weren’t able to spend a lot of money on videos? And when amateur editing techniques weren’t what they are now? Videos were a mess of a mix of performance and some other footage of the band goofing around. But it wasn’t enough to cut and splice that stuff together. They had to layer that stuff, making videos that looked more like a middle school girl’s collage than anything else. I know that Parakeet deliberately went for that look here, and they nailed it.

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