November 22 — “Break My Heart” by La Sera

Katy Goodman (La Sera)

If you only listen to one song today, make it “Break My Heart” by La Sera (2012, from the album Sees The Light).

La Sera is a Los Angeles indie pop/punk band who formed in 2009. The band is centered around Vivian Girls bassist/vocalist/occasional drummer “Kickball Katy” Goodman. Sees The Light, which was released in the spring of 2012, is their second long player.

On this album, Dan Allaire from The Brian Jonestown Massacre plays drums while Rob Barbato from the LA psych-pop band Darker My Love plays guitar. It’s my understanding that on the first record, Goodman did it all.

This one, in a way, came from the mail bag. Since I’ve ended up on a bunch of mailing lists, I get stuff from promotions firms all the time. One of my favorite ones of those sent out a mailer yesterday reminding us about their cornucopia of amazing releases this calendar year. Some were already in my library, some have already been featured here , and some are already locked in to my year-end list. Many, however, either fell under my radar completely, or got swept under a rug. As much as I hate to admit it, today’s song comes from a release that totally came in under my radar. There’s no reason for it to have gone undetected, but thanks to that “Don’t forget about this” email, I have it now.

I downloaded Sees The Light today, and I’ve been playing it quite a lot. I’m having a hard time, honestly, getting to the second half of the album because the first half is so good. Today’s song is the fourth song.

“Break My Heart” by La Sera

There’s not a lot of bells and whistles and fancy stuff going on here. This is just straight-up California DIY pop-punk. As I usually do, I like when the song breaks down at 1:20, then crashes back in at 1:32.

I also like that it’s about a flawed person who instead of blaming everyone else, admits that she’s been bad, and that she’s lied and that she’s incapable of telling the truth. In a way, she’s saying something like “I’m a piece of crap and you should leave me”. Which is kind of a terrible thing to say.

The whole album is apparently “breakup songs”, and I don’t know whether they’re inspired by real life. I don’t care, either. This is just good stuff.

For a bit of extra credit, check out the official video for the song. It’s a little goofy and a lot on the “low production value” side, but I really like it. And for some reason, the video (even more than the song) makes me think of Julie Doiron. And that’s always a good thing.

You can buy Sees The Light from the Hardly Art Records web store here. They even released it in a very limited run of cassette tapes!

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