November 23 — “Some Time Alone, Alone” by Melody’s Echo Chamber

Melody Prochet (Melody’s Echo Chamber)

If you only listen to one song today, make it “Some Time Alone, Alone” by Melody’s Echo Chamber (2012, from the album Melody’s Echo Chamber).

Melody’s Echo Chamber is a Parisian dream-pop recording project of Melody Prochet and Kevin Parker. Parker is the frontman of the Australian psych rock band Tame Impala while Prochet is the front of the French indie band My Bee’s Garden. The two teamed up when Prochet gave Parker a CD with some of her songs. He liked them and invited My Bee’s Garden to tour with Tame Impala. Then Prochet and Parker started working on songs together. The result is Melody’s Echo Chamber. The debut record came out this October on Fat Possum Records.

This is another one of those bands that I’d been hearing about for a while. There was significant buzz surrounding the release of the album, and I must have heard the name a few dozen times. I never got around to checking it out until I got that same email “reminder” that brought yesterday’s song as well. That’s my roundabout way of saying that this one also came from the mail bag.

“Some Time Alone, Alone” by Melody’s Echo Chamber

In a strange sort of way, this reminds me of broadcast. Something about the drum fills and also slightly with Prochet’s voice.

I can certainly hear the psychedelic influence on this song, and on the whole album. However, there’s way more dream-pop influence, and that’s just great with me.

That email “reminder” list had about 60 releases on it, and from it, I have about a dozen more that I’ll probably get to before the year is up. And I imagine I’ll be getting more “reminder” emails just like that one. I look forward to it very much.

I’ve been enjoying this record quite a bit since I downloaded it. I think you all will, too. If you like stuff like Broadcast, Stereolab, Tamaryn, and Cocteau Twins.

If you live in North America, New Zealand, Australia, or Japan, you can buy Melody’s Echo Chamber from the Fat Possum web store here. In Europe/ROW, buy it from the Weird World Records shop here.

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