What’s going on with This is That Song?

A year and a day ago, I started this blog with the idea that I would write about a song every day without repeating the same artist. It was meant to be a writing exercise, but I had the lofty goal of making it last a year. However, I sort of imagined that I would get tired of it by May. I had an internet outage for three days, I took one day off during Hopscotch, and I had a pinch hitter fill in for me once. Other than that, I’m happy to say that I made it through the year.

It was a fantastic year, and I got a bunch of cool stuff in the mail bag. I got to “meet” some great people and got some exposure to lots of bands that I never would have known about. I got to go to Hopscotch! Lots of other cool things happened, and all because of the blog.

I’m happy and shocked to say that the blog was visited 41,000 times by 28,749 unique visitors. What started as an exercise for me and a place for a few friends to stop by has turned into something much more. I can’t make money doing this, but what’s more important is that once in a while, I turn somebody on to something new. And of course, I get turned on to new things via the mailbag.

I’m going to keep the project going with a soft reset. I’ll try to keep writing about unique artists, but I want to allow myself to write, for example, about new releases when they come out. A lot of times in 2012, I got painted into a corner when I really wanted to write about a new release, but couldn’t because I’d already written about the band once before.

My goal now is to go for one more year.

My goal for this week is to finish my “Favorite albums of 2012” list. I got off to a later start than I usually do, mostly because I was holding out for the new My Bloody Valentine record. It was promised by the end of 2012, and we know that mastering was completed on December 21. We also know that it’ll get a digital release and an announcement from the MBV facebook page. I’ve been checking and refreshing, but it’s starting to feel like a quest for Eldorado.

This year, I’m doing my list late, and I’m doing it a bit differently. In each of the last two years, I’ve made two separate lists. A “Canadian” list, and a “non-Canadian” list. I’m not Canadian, but I’ve always had a thing for Canadian indie-pop, so I’ve usually found a crazy amount of Canadian albums in my year-by-year playlist. You can read about my “Favourite 15 Canadian records of 2011”, my “Favorite 22 non-Canadian records of 2011”. Also check out my “Favorite 15 non-Canadian albums of 2010” and my “Favourite 15 Canadian records of 2010. This year, I’m not doing that. I’m just listing my favorite 25 albums of the year. I’ve done the work of culling my list down to 25 and I’ve done some preliminary rankings, but that’ll change even as I write that post.

I hope to have that list ready to publish by the end of the night (my time) on Friday. With any luck, it’ll be sooner than that.

I might also write some supplementary lists like “favorite concerts of 2012” or “favorite EPs of 2012” or “favorite single of 2012”, but don’t hold your breath waiting for those.

Thanks to everyone for the continued support of the blog and of music in general. Remember to support bands and small labels by buying your music instead of pirating it. Remember also to keep your locally owned record shops in business.

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North Carolina born and bred. I'm a restaurant guy who spends free time listening to music, watching hockey and playing Scrabble. I have a bachelor's degree in political science and I will most likely never put it to use. View all posts by dlee

2 responses to “What’s going on with This is That Song?

  • wjpurdy

    Thank YOU, David. I’ve enjoyed what you wrote over the last year & look forward to another one. And a new MBV record in 2016.

  • qualityoutput

    Yeah, man, please keep go on… You’ve introduced me a couple of great artists/songs so far… I like to read your blog, I like the viewpoint you offer. You should replace some of those high and mighty critics at Pitchfork with your saner look at things…

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