1.8.13 — “Odds & Evens” by The High Wire

The High Wire

If you only listen to one song tonight, make it “Odds & Evens” by The High Wire (2010, from the album The Sleep Tape).

The High Wire is an indie-pop trio who call London home. At least one of the band members is Canadian. They’ve released two albums — Ahead of The Rain in 2009 and The Sleep Tape in 2010– plus a couple of singles. That’s everything that I know about this band.

People have said things about them such as “90s-style dream-pop” and “shoegaze-y” and “glimmering sun-kissed guitar pop”.

To be fair, I dont’ even have The Sleep Tape. Today’s song also appeared as a b-side on a 2011 single “Pump Your Little Heart”, which is the only thing I have from this band. Both “Pump Your Little Heart” and “Odds & Ends” are on The Sleep Tape.

Since I don’t even know the band members names, let alone any other information about them, I’ll just get right to the song.

“Odds & Evens” by The High Wire

Obviously I like the co-ed vocals. It does shimmer a bit and it does remind me of some Canadian indie-pop. The Vancouver variety. Something about this song reminds me of the song “Execution” by The Pink Mountaintops. I’m also vaguely reminded in a more general way of The New Pornographers and a couple of others that I can’t quite put a finger on.
Also, in a very strange way, this song reminds me a bit of Mexico City indie rockers Chikita Violenta.

Enjoy the song.

You can buy The Sleep Tape from The High Wire’s bandcamp page here.

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