1.12.13 — “Animal Feelings” by Gospels


If you only listen to one song tonight, make it “Animal Feelings” by Gospels (2013, from the forthcoming EP Animal Feelings).

Gospels is an unsigned indie rock/indie-folk quintet from Queens, New York. They recently moved into a communal house, which they converted into a massive recording studio where they recorded their debut EP Animal Feelings. They plan to release that EP sometime this spring, and they’re also hard at work recording a full-length album. So far, the only song I know about is tonight’s song, and it came to me via the trusty This is That Song mailbag. It’s only one song, but if the rest of their EP is like this, I’m really gonna like it.

I know nothing about this band, and I kind of get the impression that they like it that way. Even for a newly formed band who hasn’t released anything, there’s a staggering scarcity of available information about them. Their social media pages don’t offer very many clues and their website doesn’t currently offer anything other than links to those social media pages.

I’ve seen them mentioned in a few places on the interwebs, but there’s never much more than the few details listed above.

Since today is a very spring-like day (72°F where I live!), it’s perfect for this song. Windows open. Sun shining in.

Here’s the song:
“Animal Feelings” by Gospels

If I had to make a comparison based on hearing this one song a few times, I’d go with Fleet Foxes. Vocal harmonies, lots of chorus on the vocal track, relatively clean guitars, tambourine, subdued drums. It sounds bright and sunny. Very spring-like. I haven’t been able to suss out the lyrics and I can’t find a cheat sheet anywhere on-line, so I don’t have the foggiest idea what it’s about. Still, though, I love the sound.

Look for their EP sometime this spring. In the meantime you can stream and download tonight’s song from their soundcloud page here.

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