1.14.13 — “Youth Conspiration” by Future


If you only listen to one song tonight, make it “Youth Conspiration” by Future (2012, from the “Youth Conspiration” single).

Future is a noise-pop/shoegaze duo from Paris. They are Yann Canévet (bass, vocals) and Brice Delourmel (guitar), plus a drum machine, and a ton of pedals. They cite The Jesus and Mary Chain and A Place to Bury Strangers as two of their biggest influences. I’ve only heard two songs by this band. Tonight’s song sounds quite a bit like APTBS, and the other certainly sounds like JAMC. Color me easy to please, but I like it when a band says that they’re influenced by band x and they prove it by writing songs that sound like band x.

That is the extent of what I know about Future. I know that there other musical acts that use the same name. That’s it.

I got tonight’s song in the mailbag today, and my interns brought it to my immediate attention. Like I said yesterday, the mail room is getting really cluttered and backed up. I’ll apologize like crazy that some stuff got unintentionally pushed to the back burner, but I won’t apologize for pulling this one front and center.

“Youth Conspiration” by Future

Yup. There’s no mistaking it. These cats listen to a lot of APTBS. As everyone should. They’re a staggeringly good and breathtakingly loud band. This song takes a page from the book and a line from the page of A Place to Bury Strangers. This is just unrelentingly loud right from the drop. The good kind of sonic assault. Tons-o-reverb. Tons-o-feedback. Volume to 11. Strobes on. Fog machine working overtime.

I’ve probably listened to this song at least a dozen times just in the last two hours. I’ll suggest the same for you.

The good news for you is that this song is available as a FREE download from Future’s bandcamp page.

As I said, today’s song came from the mail bag. I encourage physical and digital submissions. I prefer for submissions to include an EPK, or a one-sheet, or at the very least some personal/band biographical information, pictures, etc. If you’re in a band or if you work for a band or a label or a PR company and you’d like to see your song featured here, please let me know. See the “Mail Bag” tab above for details and
for physical and electronic mailing info.

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