1.17.13 — “Fuse and a Spark” by Angelica’s Elegy

Angelica’s Elegy

If you only listen to one song tonight, make it “Fuse and a Spark” by Angelica’s Elegy (2013, from the forthcoming album Gold Celeste).

Tonight’s song comes from the mailbag. The trusty mailbag. If it seems like I’ve been dipping into it a lot these days, it’s because I am. For a few months I sort of let things pile up, and I’m making up for it. Also, there’s been some tremendous stuff in there so far this year.

Angelica’s Elegy is an indie pop quartet from Trondheim, Norway. They’re influenced by, among other things, indie pop and shoegaze stuff from the 90s. IF you’re a really keen observer, you may recall that I’ve mentioned their name before. They’re part of the wonderful roster of bands on the Norwegian indie label Riot Factory. Other members of that roster include This is That Song alumni Scarlet Chives, Dråpe, and Snøskred.

Within that label, there’s a smaller community of folks who work closely with one another. It’s a three-band sub-label called Sad Songs For Happy People. Now, I’ve written about all three of the bands.

Here’s their mission statement, taken from their web page:

Sad Songs For Happy People. 3 bands. One philosophy.

The boys and girls in Angelica’s Elegy, Dråpe and Snøskred play in each others bands, have obscure sideprojects and go on tour together. Just like all good friends should, right?

These happy folks release their delicious noise rock, dream pop, shoegaze or whatever they feel like through Riot Factory imprint Sad Songs For Happy People.

There’s one common member between Angelica’s Elegy and the others. Snøskred frontman Karl Klaseie is also in Angelica’s Elegy.

Here’s tonight’s song:

“Fuse and a Spark” by Angelica’s Elegy

This song throws us for a couple of loops right away. It starts out all synth-y, but then when the drums come crashing in at 0:10, I’m reminded of Ride. Then at 0:38, when the vocals come in, it switches to a piano sound, and those vocals are really Ian Masters-esque. And I always say that if anything sounds even a little bit like Pale Saints, it’s good for me. The synth-y stuff comes back a little bit later, and I kind of like it.

If you’re not paying close attention, you might miss the tuned percussion bits. So pay attention!

The “Fuse and a Spark” digital single was just recently released, and the song will also be on their forthcoming debut album.

Although I’ve covered every band on the Sad Songs for Happy People sublabel, I’m not done writing about bands on the Riot Factory main label. Stay tuned for more Norwegian goodness in the near future.

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