01.27.13 — “Alice” by Secret Cove

Secret Cove

If you only listen to one song and watch only one music video tonight, make them “Alice” by Secret Cove (2012, from the “Alice” digital single).

You may remember that I posted about Secret Cove back in August when they released their first single “The Shades of Cottage Grove”. I absolutely loved that song. It was more than just “one of my very favorite things from the mail bag in 2012”. It was one of my favorite songs of the year. Period. Like, maybe in the top six. The accompanying video is also pretty awesome. I highly recommend that you revisit that post about the young indie band from NYC-by-way-of-Ithaca.

As I reported back then, their goal was to release a digital single and accompanying video every five weeks, and an album in the spring of 2013. I think that process has been slowed down a little bit, but it doesn’t bother me. To date, they’ve released three digital singles (all of which are available from their bandcamp page at the “name your own price” rate). The first two have videos while “Black Lillies” does not yet have one.

“The Shades of Cottage Grove” was the first single from a “specific batch of eight”, which was followed five weeks later by “Alice”. I remember hearing “Alice” along with “…Cottage Grove” and being just as impressed. A couple of days ago, I was asked to run a feature about the video for “Alice”, and I naturally jumped at the suggestion.

While the lovely video for “…Cottage Grove” is pretty much straightforward performance/tomfoolery, the video for “Alice” (which, like “…Cottage Grove”, is directed by Chris Foito) is a little more, …um… conceptual. Abstract, even. Here’s the video:

Alice by Secret Cove from Secret Cove on Vimeo.

While I can’t rightly make heads or tails of the video, I like it a lot. It starts out like some “theatre of the absurd” play and by the end of it, that dude has a rave inside his refrigerator. What’s not to love about that?

And the song… Just like I did with “…Cottage Grove”, this is a song that I’ll play again and again. And again.

I really love the piano bit in this song. I like how it slowly builds in tempo and volume in the first verse. And I love the way that there’s the quiet/LOUD/quiet thing going on all within the context of the chorus. Of course the coed vocal harmonies do a lot to ensure that I love it, but even without that, this song is right up my alley. I hope that it’s somewhere near yours.

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