02.05.13 — “Only” by Companion


If you only listen to one song and watch only one music video tonight, make them both “Only” by Companion (2013, from the album Companion).

Companion is an “artful pop with a twist” quintet from Brooklyn centred around frontwoman Pepi Ginsberg. She’s released a few solo albums, but has put that “project” on hold to be the front of Companion. They’ve just self-released their self-titled debut album. It was released today, and in the mailbag, I was reminded about it. A couple of weeks ago, something about this showed up in the mailbag, and I was definitely interested because of what The Philadelphia City Paper said about Companion:

If Cat Power’s voice and Neko Case’s voice made sweet, sweet love to each other, you’d likely get the voice of Pepi Ginsberg. But the soft sounds are delivered with razor sharp lyrics that tell amazing little stories

Obviously, that’s good enough to get my ears to prick up, and when I clicked on the video, it was instantly clear that the gal who directed this video was profoundly influenced by the direction of Patrick Daughters in all of those Feist videos. Namely, Mushaboom and 1234. And for what it’s worth, since I’ve mentioned Patrick Daughters, please check out his stunning, mind-blowing, sensational video for the Depeche Mode song “Wrong”. That’s actually required viewing. Do it now.

I’ve had a long week at my paying job. Y’know. The one that I have to go to so that I can do this “job” for fun. A really long week. I have a one-day “weekend” ahead of me, and I intend to abuse my liver. I’ve skipped a couple of blog posting days lately, and I can partly blame work for that. I don’t want it to become a habit to skip writing just because I’ve had a long day or a long week. However, today, I’m going to take an easy path. I’m going to post a soundcloud link and a video link without commentary. I’ve bought and downloaded the album, but I haven’t listened to it yet.

You can listen to the featured single — “Only”– at soundcloud:

Here’s the video, which, like I said, seems to be inspired by some of the work of Patrick Daughters.

You can buy the album from many of the standard legal downloading places. For example, you can get it from amazon here.

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