02.17.13 — “Cupid” by Gina Barrington

Gina Barrington

If you only listen to one song tonight, make it “Cupid” by Gina Barrington (2012, from the “Cupid” single).

Gina Barrington is an indie-folk singer/songwriter from Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Six years ago, she was in a Milwaukee band with her then husband, but things went south with the marriage and the band. She quit music for four years, and ended up getting back into it when she was asked to collaborate with a Milwaukee rapper. Since then, she’s back on track writing new stuff for herself, and she recently released a great single “Cupid”, which is backed by the equally great b-side “Don’t Pull My Trigger”.

I learned about Gina Barrington because of something that I got in the mailbag. An electronic production named Kiings recently put together an EP of remixes by some great Wisconsin indie bands, including This is That Song favorites Altos, and another TiTS alumni Field Report. Although I was naturally interested in the remixes of songs by those two bands, I ended up liking a couple of the others even more.

First, I’ll offer up the remix from that EP that landed in my mailbag:

“Cupid” (Kiings remix) by Gina Barrington

I like this a lot, and I went right away in search of the original version. I like the original better:

“Cupid” by Gina Barrington

I love how smokey and sultry her voice is. There’s an amazing lounge-y vibe to the song. Everything is so cool and silky and vaguely French. At the same time, the song is eerily reminiscent of Mazzy Star. Oh. And did I mention that there’s tuned percussion? Everybody knows how I feel about tuned percussion. Especially the vibraphone.

There’s a whole lot to like about this song.

Also, check out the video:

Buy the “Cupid/Don’t Pull My Trigger” single from bandcamp here.

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