02.19.13 — “Sun Dial” by Flowerss

Christapher Larsen (Flowerss)

Christopher Larsen (Flowerss)

If you only listen to one song tonight, make it “Sun Dial” by Flowerss (2013, from the album Charm).

Flowerss is an electro-shoegaze band who have just released their debut album Charm today on Test Pattern Records. The band is a Postal Service-esque collaboration between Christapher Larsen, who used to be in an indie band called Buildings Breeding, and DJ Andrew Hoke. With Hoke living in Austin, Texas and Larsen in Sacramento, California, they corresponded and collaborated via email while working on the songs that would eventually become Charm.

This came to me via the mail bag, and I was really impressed after listening to only the first half of the album. I’d never heard of this project, or of Buildings Breeding for that matter. The email which accompanied the music wasn’t the most informative, but it was intriguing nonetheless. All that it said was:

If Christapher Larsen was inspired by the sunny California shores when writing the tunes for his former band Buildings Breeding, he undoubtedly took a dive into the cool, deep Pacific to create the dark and moody tracks for his new project, Flowerss.

As it turns out, the band incorporates elements of super-atmospheric dream-pop, shoegaze, and just a little bit of electronic. Tonight’s song is a pretty good example.

“Sun Dial” by Flowerss

I really like how foggy the whole thing is. Wrapped in gossamer and suspended in space. And I totally get the “dark and moody” thing.

Speaking of dark, I recommend listening to this with the lights very low and the volume very high. It’s quite nice that way.

Other songs on the album explore the shoegaze guitar wash element much more, but I’m most impressed by this song. It’s like the slow-burn Slowdive songs. Like the ones on Just For a Day.

You can buy your own copy of the album, or any of the individual songs, from their label’s bandcamp page here.

As always, I welcome submissions to the electronic and physical mail bag. Whether you work for a label or a promotions firm, or if you’re in a band that you’d like me to check out, please send me mp3s and/or CDs along with EPKs, bios, one-sheets, et cetera. Check here for my electronic and physical mailing addresses.

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