03.04.13 — “Indian Summer” by Highasakite


If you only listen to one song tonight, make it “Indian Summer” by Highasakite (2012, from the album All That Floats Will Rain).

Highasakite is an indie pop quintet from Oslo, Norway. It should come as no surprise to loyal readers that I’m featuring yet ANOTHER Norwegian band here. It should also be no surprise that tonight’s band has an affiliation with the terrific Norwegian indie label Riot Factory.

I’ve spent another few days of inactivity on the blog. I’ve been busy with other things, including working on getting fully over this nasty cold. I’ll apologize for that inactivity and I’ll also apologize for the lack of detail in tonight’s post. I will not apologize, however, for featuring another Norwegian band.

Like at least one other Norwegian band who I’ve already written about, Highasakite got their start when the members were in Trondheim to study Jazz. Singer and zither/autoharp player Ingrid Håvik and drummer Trond Bersu met at the Jazz Conservatory at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU) (also see: Stina Stjern). They fell in love and the rest is history. They released their full-length debut album last February. For practical purposes, that album is only available in Norway. The band plan to release their international debut later this year. I’m not sure whether it’ll be the same release as All That Floats Will Rain, or if it’ll be an enhanced version of that album, or if it’ll be something else entirely. Tomorrow, the band will release an EP of stuff which also appears on the full-length album. Among the songs will be tonight’s song.

“Indian Summer” by Highasakite

The band started out as the duo of Håvik and Bersu, but eventually swelled to a five-piece band. They’ve made their mark in Norway and are ready to do the same in the United States. As one of the first steps in their expansion to the US, they’ll be playing at SXSW later this month.

For extra credit, please also watch the official video for tonight’s song:

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