03.09.13 — “Woolgatherer” by Conveyor


If you only listen to one song tonight, make it “Woolgatherer” by Conveyor (2012, from the album Conveyor).

Tonight’s song is another one from the good ole mailbag. This one has been in the mailbag for quite some time. This week, I’ve been getting a lot of emails about bands who will be playing at SXSW next week, and one of those was on behalf of Conveyor. I recognized the name, and consulted the mailbag archives to find out that I’m way behind on this. Back in June or so, I got an email about the self-titled debut album, and it was one of those things that fell through the “crack of June”. I usually get bogged down with the real world during the month of June, and last June was especially chaotic. So, nine months later, I’m finally getting around to writing about Conveyor.

Conveyor is a four-piece art-rock/indie-folk band based in Brooklyn. They’ve been at it since 2011, and although they’re in Brooklyn now, they have their roots in Gainesville, Florida. In their press kit, they describe themselves this way:

extraterrestrial bible-thumpers drenched in love, spouting acid-soaked pop unabashed to beam with the simultaneous embrace of life/death realities backed by a polyrhythmic, pulsing backdrop.

All four dudes in the band sing. Sometimes they all sing together. Because of their multi-part vocal harmonies, their reliance on acoustic guitars AND electronics, their pep, they’re sometimes mentioned in the same breath with Freelance Whales, a band they’ve played with a bunch of times. Also, I’ve seen their named mentioned in the same sentence with Grizzly Bear. Not that they “sound like” Grizzly Bear, or Freelance Whales. Just that in a way, they have similar aesthetics as both of those bands.

I’m for it.

Tonight’s song is the last song on their self-titled debut album.

“Woolgatherer” by Conveyor

I really love the vocal harmonies. Another thing that I like a lot is the way the organic and electronic instruments play off each other. I wasn’t sure at first, but each time I listen to the song, I like the electronics more and more.

Conveyor is, like last night’s Little Tybee, a Paper Garden Records artist. That label, and those two bands, will be busy at next week’s SXSW festival in Austin. Conveyor will be playing six times during the festival. I can’t make it to SXSW, but if I was there, I’d make sure to make the time for Conveyor.

For extra credit, you can watch the recently-released official video for the song. It’s, as my friend Meridith would say, “weird and wonderful”. Make of the video what you will….

You can buy a physical or digital copy (or a t-shirt/record combo) of Conveyor directly from the Paper Garden web store here.

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