03.24.13 — “Undream a Year” by Valleys


If you only listen to one song tonight, make it “Undream a Year” by Valleys (2013, from the forthcoming album Are You Going To Stand There And Talk Weird All Night?).

Valleys is an indie rock duo from Montréal. The two members are Marc St. Louis (pronounce it the French way) and Matilda Perks. I don’t know much of anything about them. I happened upon them yesterday when I was doing some research about a different band, and I liked what I’ve heard. As far as I can tell, they released one album in 2010 and a couple of singles. They have a new one coming out in April.

It’s also my understanding that they’ve gone through some stylistic changes. I haven’t done the legwork on this, so I’ll have to trust what I’ve been reading. Articles suggest that they used to have a bit of a folky sound. And a bit of a psychedelic sound. They’ve gone through a transformation, and with, as the band says, “one foot in the pop realm and the other in the dirt”, they’ve branched out into something noisier and with a lot of electronics.

They spent a year working on this new album. It was a year marked by “unexpected loss and spiritual recovery”. Their goal was to “blur the lines between noise, melody, repetition, and space”.

Here’s tonight’s song:
“Undream a Year” by Valleys

Actually, that’s the entirety of the “Undream a Year” single, complete with a radio edit version of the song, a b-side called “Seventeen”, and the album version of the song.

There’s something about the vocal harmonies in the choruses that remind me of Chikita Violenta, which is a totally fun comparison to make.

If you try to buy the single from the soundcloud page, it kicks you over to the Kanine Records web store, where you are specifically directed to the part where you can pre-order Are You Going To Stand There And Talk Weird All Night?, which releases on April 30. You can also buy the single from the amazon store here.

Seriously, though. Buy the album from the Kanine Records store. And while you’re there, get the brilliant new one by Bleeding Rainbow. That label has a lot of great stuff coming out this spring, so expect me to write a lot about Kanine.

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  • Valleys – Are You Going to Stand There and Talk Weird All Night? |

    […] VALLEYS has been ever changing since the duo’s debut 2009, constantly experimenting with different sounds and styles. Are You Going To Stand There and Talk Weird All Night? is the product of experiencing loss, meditating, and the embracement of spirituality over the span of a year. The dark, mysterious tone of Are you Going To …? is fresh yet familiar to fans of the synth-rock duo of MARC ST LOUIS and MATILDA PERKS, who have created an album that is surprisingly happy considering its gloomy subject matter. You’ll dance, you’ll cry, and you’ll contemplate the meanings of life, love, and true happiness. Listen to the track “Undream A Year” HERE. […]

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