03.31.13 — “Dry As a Bone” by Georgiana Starlington

Georgiana Starlington

If you only listen to one song tonight, make it “Dry as a Bone” by Georgiana Starlington (2013, from the album Paper Moon).

Georgiana Starlington is an alt-country/indie rock band centered around the husband-and-wife team of Jack and Julie Hines. I think they’re from New York. They have just released their debut album Paper Moon. They used to be in a band called The K-Holes. I know nothing else about them.

I stumbled upon Georgiana Starlington when I was trying to do some research about something else. I can’t retrace my steps back to where I first saw the name, but the article that I read said things like “Neko Case“, “Patsy Cline”, and “Mazzy Star“. That sounds good enough to me, so without even previewing a track, I bought an album download and decided that I would give it a listen later. This morning, I did just that. It didn’t take me long to figure out that I like what they’re doing.

I very nearly made a horrible mistake today when I was trying to find out more about this “Georgiana Starlington”. The only thing that I knew going into it was that there wasn’t a person named Georgiana Starlington in the band. To me, it sounds like it should be the name of a character in a novel by Annie Proulx. My quick searches led me to a completely different country-ish band/solo recording project called Georgiana Starlington, which is the work of some woman named Lauren Balthrop. Not the same, but they both use the same strange name.

So quite obviously, the name “Georgiana Starlington” is a reference to something, but neither of the two band bios indicate what the reference is.

I’m short on time, so I’ll just get into the music. If anyone knows what the name means, please let me know. I hope that I’m not missing something really obvious.

Here’s tonight’s song:
“Dry As a Bone” by Georgiana Starlington

I totally get the Mazzy Star reference. At least on this song.

I might fill in more details later. Especially if someone can shed light on the nature of the band name.

You can buy Paper Moon in physical format from the HoZac Records web store here. You can download it from any of the legal downloading places.

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