04.02.13 — “Dead in Your Head” by Bleached


If you only listen to one song today, make it “Dead in Your Head” by Bleached (2013, from the album Ride Your Heart).

Bleached is a punk-pop band from Los Angeles centered around the sisters Jennifer and Jesse Calvin. They used to be in the LA punk band Mika Miko. That band dissolved in 2009, and the sisters found themselves working in other bands, but nothing really panned out. They decided to collaborate again, and formed Bleached. About a year ago, they released their first single “Next Stop”. Their debut album Ride Your Heart came out today on Dead Oceans Records.

The band’s bio says that the sisters developed an affinity for punk rock at an early age, and started sneaking into shows whenever they could. They taught themselves how to play in the family garage, and a few years later, they found themselves affiliated with Kill Rock Stars. You could do a lot worse than that.

Bleached has a sound that’s sort of reminiscent of some of the mid-1990s K Records stuff like Tiger Trap, and also of some of the newer California garage pop stuff like Best Coast. There’s always a level of sweetness wrapped around a level of bitterness. Sort of like an inside-out Sourpatch Kid.

This new song has been all over the indie music press in the last week and a half, but somehow I missed it. I just caught wind of it this morning as I was going through some of the “check out these new releases” emails. My attention was immediately grabbed by the album cover. The grayscale image brings a lot of things to mind. Cinema of the 1950s. Brit-pop of the mid 1990s. Belle and Sebastian. It’s a wonderful album cover. I listened to about 20 seconds of one song, and immediately purchased a download. As I’ve spent my day off running errands and preparing to go watch my Carolina Hurricanes suffer a heartbreaking loss to the Washington Capitals, I’ve spent a lot of time with the brand new album, and especially with today’s song.

You can purchase Ride Your Heart through the Dead Oceans Records store here.

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