The Breeders join Hopscotch ’13 Lineup, re-release Last Splash

The Breeders (v3.0)

This September will mark the fourth year of the Hopscotch Music Festival in Raleigh, North Carolina. The festival has gotten bigger and more organized each year, and there’s always a wide variety of musical acts there. Last year, they had more than 175 bands on the roster for the three-day festival, which uses 15 venues all in a ten-block radius in downtown Raleigh. This year, it promises to be at least that big or bigger.

Last year, I attended the entire festival and had a blast. I wrote about my experiences there in four parts:
The prologue
Day one recap
Day two recap
Day three recap

This year’s festival will run from Thursday September 5 through Saturday September 7. The full roster will be announced sometime in “late April”. Presumably sometime next week. They’ve only announced four bands so far. The first one announced was the legendary John Cale. A couple of weeks later, they announced that stoner metal band Sleep will be in the lineup. A week later, they announced that Matthew Dear will be playing. None of those interest me enough to get excited.

On Monday, they dropped a major piece of news. Unfortunately, everyone in the United States was kind of preoccupied with the madness that occurred in Boston that day, so the announcement kind of slipped under the radar. I didn’t even notice it until Tuesday morning.

The Breeders will headline one of the City Plaza shows at this year’s festival. Presumably the Friday night show.

It won’t be the original Breeders lineup that featured Tanya Donelly and Slint drummer Britt Walford. It’ll be version 3.0. The one with Kim and Kelley Deal on guitars, Josephine Wiggs on bass and Jim Macpherson on drums.

2013 is the 20th anniversary of the release of The Breeders’ second album Last Splash, and Breeders 3.0 will be touring North America and Europe playing that album in its entirety. They’ll also be re-releasing the album in deluxe format later this month. The 20th anniversary edition of the album is called LSXX, and will be packaged in two formats: 3XCD and 7XLP. The set will consist of:

  • Last Splash
  • the Safari EP
  • the Cannonball EP
  • the Divine Hammer EP
  • the Head to Toe EP
  • a live recording from Stockholm Sweden in 1994. The set list includes seven songs that were only available on a fan club CD and nine that were unreleased.
  • a BBC Sessions disc.

There’s also a deluxe 24-page booklet with some “exclusive” photos and stuff like that.

I think that the EPs were previously only available as imports to the US, so it’ll be the first time that some fans will have been able to get their hands on a lot of these songs.
While the live and BBC Session stuff is probably amazing, you’ll get your money’s worth from this boxed set with just one song: “Do You Love Me Now Jr (featuring J Mascis)”. There used to be a soundcloud file for that, and it no longer exists. I’m guessing for copyright reasons. For that reason, I’m not going to host that file, so I can’t share it with you. Trust me, though, it’s great. It takes a bit of getting used to, but it’s really magical.

Most people will remember the Last Splash album for its smash single “Cannonball”, which enjoyed some success on the mainstream music charts. It had a badass bass line (and remember that it’s Josephine Wiggs rather than Kim Deal on bass). It had some pretty masterful drumming by Macpherson. It had a really fun video:

If you watch the video, look for Kim’s powder blue-striped knee socks. I have a pair of those socks, with the Breeders logo right on there. They came to the radio station in a promo kit for Last Splash, and I immediately made them mine. And I still have them, never worn, 20 years later. Exactly like these. I dare you to name another band who mailed out knee socks as an album promotion.

Also, watch this LSXX promo teaser, featuring the song “New Year”:

Two things about that little video. Josephine is wearing a touque and ridiculous shades. This makes her look like some twisted bass-playing morph of Bono and The Edge. Josephine is infinitely cooler than those two dudes put together, though.
The other thing to look for in that video is how much Kelley is absolutely shredding. Just watching that made me fall in love with her again.

I’m guessing that when they play, it’ll be just the same as when Pixies have toured with Doolittle on the 20th, 21st anniversaries. They’ll play some b-sides, then the album in its entirety, then a couple of other non-album tracks in the encore.

Pre-order your copy of LSXX directly from 4AD Records.

Buy your three-day pass to Hopscotch here. The full lineup will be announced soon, and the schedule in a couple of months. Single-day tickets and City Plaza show tickets will go on sale in June.

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