04.25.13 — “Memories” by Dråpe


If you only listen to one song today, make it “Memories” by Dråpe (2013, from the album Canicular Days).

Dråpe is a dream-pop/shoegaze quintet from Oslo, Norway. You may remember their name because I’ve mentioned them a number of times in reference to some other Norwegian bands. Especially the ones on the fantastic Norwegian label Riot Factory. Within that label, they’re on a sub-label called Sad Songs For Happy People, with fellow Norwegians and This is That Song alumni Snøskred and Angelica’s Elegy.

You may also recall that I wrote about Dråpe (pronounce it Draw-peh) back in June of last year, when I featured their song “Silver Spoon”. I don’t usually write about bands who I’ve already written about, but their eagerly awaited debut album Canicular Days came out last week, and I was lucky enough to get a copy of it in my inbox on Tuesday. I listened to it six times that day (and a few more times on Wednesday) and I really love it. It’s a pretty safe bet that Canicular Days will end up with one of the top spots in my 2013 year-end list. So here I am, featuring this amazing band for the second time.

The entire album is full of bright colors, sunshine, and warmth. There’s plenty of dreaminess interwoven with perfectly sculpted noise. The end product is reminiscent of the best that Creation Records and 4AD had to offer in the early 1990s. While their self-titled EP was a little noisier and a little more shoegaze, this one is more dream-pop. It’s sort of like they used to have some recipe that called for two parts MBV, one part Cocteaus, and one part Slowdive, with sprinkles of other things. Now the recipe has changed a bit. The ingredients are the same, but the proportions are different. Maybe now it’s three parts Slowdive, one part Cocteaus, and one-half part MBV. Whatever the recipe is, it suits my taste very well.

Although the album title refers to the hottest part of summer, the nine songs within are perfect for those spring nights when you sit on the front porch with a bottle of something, watching the sun set. Or maybe a drive to the beach. It’s all about leaving your worries behind and relaxing.

It’s not possible to be grumpy while listening to today’s song.

“Memories” by Dråpe

I love how everything is drenched in delay, especially the vocals. My favorite bit, though, is after the drum fill bridge, when everything comes back in at 3:25. Because this album (and especially this song) already reminds me of Slowdive’s 1993 masterpiece Souvlaki, that bit in the song reminds me of a similar bit at the end of “When The Sun Hits”. Revisit my post about that song if you want an awesome stroll down memory lane.

As I said in that Slowdive post, Souvlaki is one of my favorite albums of all time, and I don’t like to compare many things to it. Canicular Days is worthy of that comparison.

Dråpe will be playing a bunch of European festivals this summer, including the Roskilde Festival in Denmark. Check out the enormous lineup for that nine-day festival. Unfortunately, it looks like there aren’t plans to come to the US. Yet.

There are loads of ways to buy Canicular Days if you have a Norwegian IP address. For fans in the United States, the options are fewer. The best way to get it is to order a vinyl copy from the Norwegian mail-order record store Tiger. You can do that here. This is a very good album, and I highly recommend buying your copy now.

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