05.01.13 — “Albatross” by Jetman Jet Team

Jetman Jet Team

If you only listen to one song today, make it “Albatross” by Jetman Jet Team (2013, from the album We Will Live The Space Age).

Jetman Jet Team is a dreampop/psychedelic rock/shoegaze/space rock band from Seattle. The core of the group used to be in a band called The Pop Eccentric, which was based out of Spokane. After spending some time apart, they got back together in the winter of 2011, adding a couple of new members in the process.

If you’re following along at home, you know that I’m on a big Saint Marie Records jag, and this is another one of the great bands from that label. Since they do a lot of shoegaze and dreampop, and that’s what most of my music collection is, I’m having a really good time getting to know these bands who I had never heard of a week ago.

The band released an EP early this year called Unreleased. Although the release date is listed as “January 21, 2012”, it must have actually been something more like the middle of February of 2013. That EP features a cover of the My Bloody Valentine song “New You”, from the new album m b v, which was released digitally on February 2. According to some reports, they recorded their cover just one day after the original was released. I have no idea how they managed to pull off covering a song so quickly, but they did it. And did it pretty well. You can download Unreleased from bandcamp at the cost of “name your own price”. Although it’s a serviceable cover, that’s not why we’re here today. However, it’s not the only thing from the new MBV record that I notice in their record. On the JMJT song “Cosmic Age”, there’s a sound at the very beginning that sounds a lot like a chopped up bit of that jet engine sound in the MBV song “Wonder 2”.

Two weeks ago, the band released their debut album We Will Live the Space Age on Saint Marie.

It’s pretty clear that the band is also heavily influenced by Slowdive. While a lot of the songs sound Slowdive-ish, the title track from the new album bears an uncanny resemblance to the Slowdive song “Rutti”, from the 1997 album Pygmalion. I’m a very big Slowdive fan, but the truth is that it took me several years to warm up to Pygmalion. It only took me a few seconds to love the title track from the JMJT album. We’re not here for Slowdive, and we’re not hear for the song that sounds just like late Slowdive. We’re here for a song that reminds me of a perfect mixture of Pia Fraus and earlier Slowdive. This is that song.

“Albatross” by Jetman Jet Team

This is not a cover of the Slowdive song of the same name (from the Blue Day EP). For that matter, it is also not a cover of Fleetwood Mac or of PiL. Nor is it a cover of the fantastic Besnard Lakes song of the same name. However, you should definitely watch the video for the Besnard Lakes song. Seriously. You won’t be sorry. As an aside, I’m very excited that I’ll be going to see Besnard Lakes play tonight. While I had a long obsession with their album …are the Roaring Night, I’ve never seen them play before.

This song does have a badass video of its own. I don’t know what the technology is. Not quite holographic. Not quite 3D. It’s something like that, and it’s pretty mind-blowing. Make sure that you watch it in HD.

Just like the best Slowdive songs, this song is drenched in otherworldly amounts of reverb and delay, and a very healthy amount of pink noise. Actually, where the video cuts off, the song goes on with about a minute and a half of just ambient fuzz, spooky guitar and ghostly vocals. I’m usually one to say “the coda is too drawn out”, but I really like what they did there.

This is all about relaxation. Buy a physical copy of the album from SMR or purchase a download from the SMR bandcamp page. Sit back and enjoy the music. With the lights off and the volume high.

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