06.04.13 — “Envenom Mettle” by Eluvium

Matthew Robert Cooper (Eluvium)

If you only listen to one song today, make it “Envenom Mettle” by Eluvium (2013, from the double album Nightmare Ending).
Eluvium is the ambient-electronic/neoclassical recording project for Matthew Robert Cooper. He was raised in Tennessee and Kentucky, but is now set up in Portland, Oregon. He’s recorded six albums under the Eluvium moniker, including the brand new one Nightmare Ending, which was released on May 14.

I had heard the name Eluvium before, but I didn’t have any of his records, and I had never listened to his music. I got something in the mail bag the other day, reminding me that Nightmare Ending just came out and that it has gotten very good reviews.

This afternoon, I listened to about one minute of one song before hurrying over to eMusic to download my copy of the new album. I’ve listened to it twice all the way through.

Just now, I hesitated to use the word “electronic”, even with the “ambient” qualifier. People automatically think of bleeps and bloops. This is absolutely not that. This is more like Lovesliescrushing, who incidentally released a new album two weeks ago. Cooper plays piano and guitar. The “electronic” bit is mainly loops and pedals.

Today’s song is a good example of the wonderful ethereality of the entire album. This is something that you ought to listen to when you have already settled in for the night. When you’re ready to wind down. Way down. It’s soothing and beautiful. Peaceful and pleasant. I can feel my blood pressure drop and my breathing slow while I’m listening to the album.

“Envenom Mettle” by Eluvium

Most of the songs on this album don’t have drums and don’t have fuzzy guitar like this one does, but that stuff works really well here. It’s still an amazingly sleepy and dreamy song.

I really recommend listening to the entire album from front to back, which I’ve done twice since I bought it earlier this afternoon. However, this is one of the stand-out tracks.

There aren’t any real vocals on the album except for the last song –“Happiness”–, which features vocals by Ira Kaplan from Yo La Tengo. There are a few other songs that have “ghost vocals”, but for the most part, these are instrumental, songs laden with piano and effects loops.

This album wasn’t released in vinyl format. If you want a physical copy, you can order the 2XCD format from the Temporary Residence Records web shop here.

Shut off the lights. Pour yourself an adult beverage. Light a candle. Play this album. Or at least play this song.

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