06.11.13 — “Eleven” by Białogard


If you only listen to one song today, make it “Eleven” by Białogard (2013, from the Studies on Distance EP).

Białogard is a dream-pop/shoegaze duo from Milan, Italy. It’s mainly the work of Fabrizio De Felice, who began the band as a solo project in 2009. Later, he brought in his former bandmates from when he was in an indie rock band called Fiumi. In the autumn of 2010, they released a self-titled EP. A couple of lineup tweaks later, the band just released the Studies on Distance EP in April of this year.

This is another one of the great things that emerged from the mailbag. I get a lot of stuff in the mailbag, and quite frankly, some of it isn’t very good. Some come from genres that I have no interest in. It’s always exciting to get something that fits my shoegaze/dreampop tastes, and especially when it comes from a corner of the world that I wouldn’t have expected it to come from. This is one of those.

“Eleven” by Białogard

Everybody knows that the Slowdive album Souvlaki is in my “desert island five”. It always has been and it always will be. Part of what I love about this EP is that it’s sort of reminiscent of Souvlaki without being overly derivative. Just the right combination of shoegaze and dreampop. Not enough dreampop to lull you to sleep and not enough shoegaze to make your ears bleed. While there’s a time and a place for bleeding ears and for being lulled to sleep, I like the middle ground.

As any good dreampop/shoegaze record should be, this is drenched in as much delay as it is sunlight. Delay, feedback, loops, phaser, harmonies. All of that and more. They’re stepping on all the right pedals and pushing all the right buttons.

One of the things that I like about this song is the surge of volume after the quiet middle eight. Right at 3:53 when everything comes back in. One of those “bright lights, tsunami of sound” moments.

I hope that there’s plenty more to come from this band. For now, you can download Studies on Distance from the band’s Bandcamp page here, and you can name your own price. Buy it now, and give the whole EP a solid listen. You won’t be sorry.

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