06.21.13 — “Another Tale From Another English Town” by Lanterns on The Lake

Lanterns on The Lake

If you only listen to one song tonight, make it “Another Tale From Another English Town” (2013, from the forthcoming album Until the Colours Run).

Lanterns on The Lake is an indie/dreampop band from Newcastle-upon-Tyne, England. They formed in 2007 and have methodically released four EPs and one full-length album in six years. On September 9, their sophomore album —Until the Coulours Run— will be released on Bella Union Records. As you probably already know, that label was founded in 1997 by Simon Raymonde and Robin Guthrie from Cocteau Twins. LOTL signed with the label in 2010.

“Another Tale From Another English Town” was just released as a single, and while I can’t be sure, it’s safe to assume that it’s on the new album.

I know nothing about the band. I’d never heard of them until I spotted this song on the Bella Union soundcloud page. Here it is:

“Another Tale From Another English Town” by Lanterns on The Lake

Like a lot of stuff I’ve been posting lately, this is light and airy. Ethereal as all get-out. There’s something comforting and something familiar about Hazel Wilde’s vocals, but I just haven’t been able to place a finger on what she reminds me of.

It didn’t take long for me to figure out that I liked the song, but at 0:50 when the violin comes in, I started to love it. Even when the song gets “big” at about 1:30, it never gets loud. It never gets chaotic.

There’s a bit of a false ending around 2:52, and I’m always a sucker for that. What follows, though, makes what was already a great song a very nearly perfect one. More violin, more lush textures, and a glockenspiel.

This song ticks a lot of boxes for me, and I hope it does for you, too.

There’s no word just yet on pre-ordering the new album. They’ll be doing a tour of the UK in October to promote the album.

In the meantime, enjoy the song. Also, enjoy the official video for the song:

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