06.25.13 — “The Cut” by Wonky Doll and the Echo

Wonky Doll and the Echo

If you only listen to one song today, make it “The Cut” by Wonky Doll and the Echo (2012, from the album Pleasant Thoughts).

Wonky Doll and the Echo is an indie rock/post-punk quartet from Athens, Greece. They formed sometime in 2010 and they released their debut album —Pleasant Thoughts— in the autumn of 2012. Back in September of 2012, I got an email about their album, and using my sophisticated filing system, I put this in the “I will write about this sometime in the very near future” category. If I’m brutally honest, about 6% of my mailbox submissions get put in the “I’m going to write about this immediately“, about 13% get put in the “I will write about this sometime in the very near future” category, about 11% get put in the “I hope to write about this some day”, and the overwhelming majority get put in the “I will never write about this” category. I won’t go into the details of my filtering process, and I certainly don’t mean to dissuade anyone from sending submissions. My point of all this is that I truly meant to write about these guys back in September. Things happened, and the Wonky Doll submission never got rotated to the top of that stack. Yesterday, they reached out again about the release of a new music video for today’s song. When I had a vague recall of the name, I checked my files. Sure enough, there they were.

So with apologies to the guys, I’m finally getting around to them.

While I’m not in love with the band’s name, I like their sound a lot. From what I’ve listened to, it’s clear that they draw a good deal of inspiration from The National, and from Depeche Mode.

First the song:
“The Cut” by Wonky Doll and the Echo

The baritone of George Lemons is certainly part of why I’m reminded of The National (Matt Berninger) and Depeche Mode (Dave Gahan), but there’s much more to it than that. In this song, anyway, it’s about the cadence. The percussion. It reminds me so much of a slightly darker version of The National.

The song itself is pretty great, but it gets kicked up a notch with the highly cinematic music video, which was released about six weeks ago. I’ve watched it a bunch of times since it landed in my inbox yesterday, and I keep thinking that it’s like some warped, twisted movie that David Fincher would direct.

There’s abduction, a creepy dungeon, witches, a poison apple, a corkboard covered with all sorts of weird pictures and news clippings (with push pins and string linking them to each other), a giant scorpion; a big scary snake; a steamer trunk full of weird nick-knacks, cassette tapes, and photos; the abducted girl setting the dungeon on fire; and a sexy vampy woman killing the abductor in the end. Some of that isn’t all that Fincher-y, but most of it is. I’d pay $8 to see the full-length movie.

Seriously, it’s a wonderful song and an even better video.

You can buy a digital download of Pleasant Thoughts from the bandcamp page for the temporarily discounted rate of €6. For the majority of my readers in the US, that comes to $7.86 USD by today’s exchange rate.

Today’s song was because of a mailbag submission, so it gives me another chance to remind everyone that the mailbag is always open. Click the “Mail Bag” tab at the top of the page for details about my electronic and physical mailing addresses.

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