06.26.13 — “Overflown” by Landmarks


If you only listen to one song tonight, make it “Overflown” by Landmarks (2013, from the Public House 7″ record).

Landmarks is an indie/psych/kraut rock quintet from Chicago. They formed in 2012, and there’s virtually nothing about them on the internet. They were recently chosen to be a part of the Public House Sound Recordings project. Public House is an upstart indie label in Chicago recently founded by recording engineer Dave Vettraino. They’ve just started a thing where each month, he releases a 7″ record featuring two songs from a new Chicago band. Landmarks was the second band to release a record on the new label.

The thing that’s said about these guys, straight from the press release, is that they tip their caps to the likes of The Antlers, Spiritualized, Real Estate, and Deerhunter. I can’t see much wrong with those comparisons. I hear something else, though. Something more venerable.

I got something in the mailbag about it this morning. The submitter guessed that this song would be “right up my alley”, and he was right.

“Overflown” by Landmarks

The other song on the record, “Cuscutta” is a little spacier than this. It’s easy to see how the Spiratualized connection is made. Tonight’s song, however, is different. And this is what I meant when I said that it reminds me of something more venerable. Tonight’s song is really heavy on the kraut rock. At least the first half of the song, anyway. There’s a persistent bass line. There’s a Rhodes organ. There’s a lot of effects on the guitars and on the organ. All of that adds up to something that reminds me of one of my favorite bands. Stereolab. Minus the sexy Frenchy-ness.

There’s a lot of pedal-stomping at about 2:32, and I adore the feedback and the multitude of effects that send the guitars and keyboards and everything else into a squawky wall of sound. For thirty seconds, they sound exactly like Stereolab.

Head over to the Bandcamp page, where you can download the digital version of the 7″ record at the cost of “name your own price”.

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