something about Cocteau Twins

Treasure (1984) by Cocteau Twins

Everybody around here knows that I’m a pretty serious fan of Cocteau Twins. They are among my top two favorite bands of all time. I have a considerable collection of Cocteaus recordings (sadly, all on CD) and all that good stuff. I’ve had a tube stop poster for the 12″ single for “Iceblink Luck” for many years, and some of my friends have threatened to steal it.

For many years, I’ve told people that Heaven or Las Vegas is my favorite Cocteaus album. “By far”, I would say. I also said that it was a lock for my “desert island disc” collection.

Late last night, I ended up having a twitter conversation that started out innocently enough with a reference to the mythological names of most of the songs on the Cocteau Twins third album Treasure, and my announcement that Treasure was my “second favorite” Cocteaus record. I’ve always had a rotation of what my “second favorite” Cocteaus record is. Most of the time, I say Treasure. Sometimes, Head Over Heels, and sometimes even Blue Bell Knoll. Of their eight (not counting The Moon and The Melodies) albums, it’s always just been those four that I consider as my favorites. Those are, in case you’re wondering, albums two (Head Over Heels), three (Treasure), five (Blue Bell Knoll) and six (HOLV) in the discography.

The conversation went on longer than I thought it would, and by the end of the conversation (and numerous front-to-back listens of Treasure), I was convinced that I’ve been wrong this whole time. These twenty or so years that I’ve been calling HOLV my favorite Cocteaus record.

Now I’m convinced that Treasure is actually my favorite of theirs. I promise that I’ll elaborate on this at some point in the next few days.

For now, enjoy this video of the Cocteaus “performing” the second song –“Lorelei”– from the 1984 album.

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