07.12.13 — “Heaven Inside” by Eros and the Eschaton

Eros and the Eschaton

If you only listen to one song today, make it “Heaven Inside” by Eros and the Eschaton (2013, from the forthcoming album Home Address for the Civil War).

Eros and the Eschaton (which means something like “Love and the end of days”) are a shoegaze duo from Greensboro, North Carolina. Kate Perdoni and Adam Hawkins were both living in Omaha, Nebraska when they met in 2010. They were playing in different bands, and they often played on the same bill. As the story goes, they fell in love, had a baby, and kept touring as separate bands. A while later, they loaded everything into an RV, and hit the road in search of “a beautiful place out in the country to record an album and raise their son”. One story is that their RV broke down in Greensboro. Another is that they chose to make Greensboro their stopping point. Whatever the case may be, this is where they decided to set up their new residence.

I share the same town with this amazing band, and it shames me to admit that I had not heard of them until recently. They play right here in town pretty frequently, but I had not heard of them. Until they appeared on the Hopscotch Music Festival roster of bands for this September.

After the duo self-released a couple of singles, they caught the attention of Bar None Records (with the help of some of their Nebraska friends), and ended up with a record deal. Their debut album Home Address for the Civil War will be out on August 13.

This is one of the songs from that album

“Heaven Inside” by Eros and the Eschaton

The song starts right off as if it’s in mid-stream. Tape loops already mid-sequence. A lovely wash of fuzz and a few squeaks. When the vocals come in at 0:23, it’s a better coed dreamy vocal harmony even than those of Neil Halstead and Rachel Goswell of the magnificent Slowdive. While I don’t lazily or arbitrarily bandy about Slowdive comparisons, I will say that this sounds awesome enough to be mistaken for a Souvliki outtake.

Indeed, there’s no doubt that Perdoni and Hawkins are big fans of Slowdive. And also of My Bloody Valentine and of Yo La Tengo. They say that they’re also massive fans of Neil Young, and influenced by his music. It’s much easier to hear the Slowdive/MBV influence here. I’ve heard a few more Eros and the Eschaton songs where the Yo La Tengo influence is heavier. In most cases, their influences are not quite as visible on their sleeve as they are here.

I seriously love everything about this song. I don’t have a “favorite bit”, because I love it all.

From now on, I’ll be taking advantage of the plenty of opportunities that I’ll have to see Eros and the Eschaton play right here in my town. I’ll also make it a very high priority to see them at Hopscotch. They’ll have the 10:30-11:30 slot at Slim’s on Thursday night, which is the opening night of the festival. See the full schedule here. Although the details haven’t been announced yet, I’m guessing that they’ll also be playing on Friday afternoon during the “day party” festivities. I didn’t do as much “day party” stuff last year as I could have, but I plan to be doing plenty of that this year.

You can pre-order a CD of Home Address for the Civil War here.

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