07.22.13 — “Dandelion Wine” by The Band in Heaven

The Band in Heaven

If you only listen to one song tonight, make it “Dandelion Wine” by The Band in Heaven (2013, from the forthcoming album Caught in a Summer Swell).

The Band in Heaven is a shoegaze/dream-pop band from West Palm Beach, Florida. After a series of 7″ records and EPs, they are finally set to release their debut album —Caught in a Summer Swell— on September 17 via their hometown record label Decades Records.

If you’ve been around here a bunch of times, you might remember that I featured The Band in Heaven last year leading up to the 2012 Hopscotch Music Festival. They were there, and I put them very high on my list of bands than I needed to see, whatever it took. Although I hate the venue where they played, and I hated the audience, I loved their set. They were one of the best highlights from the last night of the festival. In fact, they were one of my favorites from the whole festival.

This afternoon, Brooklyn Vegan debuted the band’s brand new single.

“Dandelion Wine” by The Band in Heaven

The band has changed their sound a little since we last saw them. From what I’ve read, they’ve backed off from the noisy, sludgy stuff and have drifted more towards something akin to dream-pop. If tonight’s song is any indication, and when you compare it to “Sleazy Dreams”, it’s quite a big difference. Much brighter and sunnier. I like The Band in Heaven either way, but the one thing that makes a big difference to me is the co-ed vocal harmonies. And the back-and-forth that they do.

The Band in Heaven will go on a very short two-date “tour” of New York City in early August.

Hopefully, when the record comes out, they’ll play a full slate of shows on the US east coast.

Their debut album, by the way, will be the very first physical release from Decades Records. Right now, the plan is for that label to release it only on vinyl. In a very annoying move, another Florida-based label will be releasing the album on cassette.

You can pre-order Caught in a Summer Swell from Decades Records here.

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