07.23.13 — “Rooftop” by Lady Lamb the Beekeeper

Aly Spaltro aka Lady Lamb the Beekeeper

If you only listen to one song today, make it “Rooftop” by Lady Lamb the Beekeeper (2013, from the album Ripely Pine).

Lady Lamb the Beekeeper is the name for the recording project of Aly Spaltro. She’s originally from the small town of Brunswick, Maine. It’s probably easier to say she’s from Portland, Maine. I’m not sure how to categorize what she does. It isn’t exactly anything, but it’s a lot like a lot of things: indie-folk, indie-pop, avant-garde rock, experimental, and so on. She cites a bunch of different influences, and among them are Kate Bush, Stevie Nicks, Otis Redding, David Byrne. She describes her music using the made-up genre names “dumpster thrash” and “jungle soul”.

When she was younger, Spaltro worked in a DVD rental shop, and after the store closed, she’d spend her nights there writing and recording songs amongst the copies of Talladega Nights. She self-released a few CD EPs, which she would put out on the counter for the customers to take. She never promoted them as her music.

She started releasing her own music in 2007, and this year, she finally made a proper studio album. She’s living in Brooklyn now and playing with a full band.

Lady Lamb the Beekeeper is one of the 175 bands playing at this September’s fourth annual Hopscotch Music Festival in downtown Raleigh. I’d never heard that name until the lineup was announced. As I did last July and August, I’m going to have a lot of focus on the bands who will be playing the festival. Or at least my focus will be on the bands that are on my long list.

I can’t claim knowledge of her compete oeuvre, but the songs that I’ve heard are really well crafted. She looks like she’s about 16, she actually is 23, and she sings and plays as if she’s about 30.

“Rooftop” by Lady Lamb the Beekeeper

As far as Hopscotch goes, Lady Lamb the Beekeeper is playing on Friday night (September 6). They’ve got the 9:30-10:30 slot at Fletcher Opera Theater. Check the Friday schedule here. For that matter, you can also check the Thursday schedule and the Saturday schedule. Individual tickets to the headlining shows, single day passes, and full-festival passes are available here. Please note that all taxes and “convenience fees” are built into the price of the ticket.

You can order Ripely Pine from the Ba Da Bing Records web store here.

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