07.25.13 — “Wired” by Slowness


If you only listen to one song tonight, make it “Wired” by Slowness (2013, from the album For Those Who Wish to See The Glass Half Full).

Slowness is an indie-pop/dream pop/ “drone pop” trio from San Francisco. They’ve been around since 2008 and they’ve been releasing records since 2010. This year, they released their first full-length album For Those Who Wish to See The Glass Half Full.

As far as I can tell, the band is tight with other This is That Song favorites like Weekend and Dead Leaf Echo.

I don’t know anything else about this band. Their name keeps popping up in these “RIYL” recommendations that I get from sites like lastfm and soundcloud, so I figured it was time to give them a post. Even if it is a short one.

“Wired” by Slowness

It reminds me a bit of Catherine Wheel. I guess I’m saying that because of the way Geoffrey Scott sings. There’s something about one of the guitars that makes me think of Stereolab, but apart from that, it’s not Stereolab-esque at all. It’s also reminiscent of a bunch of 90s shoegaze/dream-pop bands, but not enough like any one band to have a comparison stand out.

I will admit that the first time I watched the video, seen below, I hated it. After I’ve listened to the song a bunch of times, I’ve come around on it a bit. Don’t think. Just watch and listen.

Apologies to Matt Damon. We’re out of time.

You can download a digital copy of For Those Who Wish to See The Glass Half Full from the Slowness bandcamp page here.

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2 responses to “07.25.13 — “Wired” by Slowness

  • phil

    thanks for posting this track. i really like catherine wheel, so i thought i might like it. but it turned out to also be an interesting example of how different people hear the same song differently.

    i love this song, and after listening i went and got their album and EP and single from bandcamp.

    but i wouldn’t have picked rob dickinson from catherine wheel as a comparison. to me it sounds like alan sparhawk from low doing vocals, and the music makes me think of a cross between the first (self-titled) album from The Moon Seven Times and the cure’s “disintegration”.

    do you know The Moon Seven Times? i bet you’d like their work, particularly the first album. back when it came out, they were the band that everyone thought would get signed to 4AD but didn’t.

    • dlee

      Thanks, Phil.
      Indeed, I do know The Moon Seven Times. I’m a big fan, actually. I guess if I listen to just the guitars, I can understand your want to connect this and M7X, but I’m not hearing the same thing you hear.
      I really wish that I could have had the opportunity to see The Moon Seven Times, but I never did. However, I managed, by sending them some fan mail, to become friendly with the band. Many years later, when I got to see Lanterna, Henry remembered me. While I do like the first album, I was always especially fond of 7=49.

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