07.26.13 — “Peachfuzz” by astrobrite

Scott Cortez aka astrobrite

If you only listen to one song tonight, make it “Peachfuzz” by astrobrite (2001, from the album Crush)
astrobrite is a recording project of Scott Cortez, who is the mastermind behind the shoegaze/soundscape/noise pop band lovesliescrushing. Cortez is the only real member of astrobrite, but he often gets help from his lovesliescrushing co-conspirator Melissa Arpin-Duimstra, among others. Another frequent collaborator in astrobrite is drummer Odell Nails, who is an attorney by day, music journalist and drummer by night. Once upon a time, he was in the short-lived 90s shoegaze band Majesty Crush.

Although Cortez has moved around a lot with his lovesliescrushing endeavours, I think he’s back in his home state of Michigan.

astrobrite started in 1994 as a solo side project for Cortez, and he added some people so he could tour as astrobrite. Throughout the late 1990s, he recorded a few EPs as astrobrite while still doing stuff with lovesliescrushing. astrobrite “disbanded” in 1997, then “reformed” in 2001, and he’s been steadily (and quietly) putting out records since then. All while putting out a ton of lovesliescrushing records.

To be quite honest, the line between lovesliescrushing and astrobrite is blurry. Is there even a line? I don’t know. The new astrobrite record —all the stars will fall (2012)– is indistinguishable from any lovesliescrushing that I’ve heard.

Tonight’s song is from the first astrobrite record Crush, which was initially released in 2001. It was re-released in 2005, and then again I think in 2010. That album has a noisier, darker, almost MBV sound than the others that I’ve heard, which all have that super-dreamy sound.

“Peachfuzz” by astrobrite

I love how fuzzy it is. I love how angular it is. I love the warped, pitch-shifted sound. I love the walls of distortion and feedback. I only got this album today, and I’ve listened to it a bunch of times. Especially tonight’s song, which is the album-ender.

There are some expensive CDs of Crush available from the amazon store here. You can also just get the download there. If you want a vinyl edition of it, you can get it from the Blvd Records web store here

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