07.30.13 — “Cabin Music Side 2” by Brundlefly & The Swede

Brundlefly & The Swede

If you only listen to one song today, make it “Cabin Music Side 2” by Brundlefly & The Swede (2013, from the album Cabin Music).

Brundlefly & The Swede is the instrumental freak-folk duo of Jason Socci and Matthew Kohnle. Many years ago, they were in a Connecticut instrumental band called Daybed. As far as I know, neither one of the guys is nicknamed “Brundlefly” and neither one is “The Swede”. They say that their name was chosen haphazardly. I had never heard of their old project or their current one until their album landed in my mailbag yesterday.

This album is just two twelve-minute instrumental songs. Each is sort of a meandering piece that has elements of indie pop, post-rock, and prog rock, but at the end of the day, they’re essentially folk songs.

While the two were in Daybed together, they also worked the same day job, and spent their lunch breaks writing songs. After they both left Daybed, they moved apart, but remained “email close”. After about ten years of not seeing each other, they decided to work together again. They rented a small cabin near Asheville, North Carolina, and they spent about two years sporadically working there on this album.

Here’s the second side of that album:

“Cabin Music Side 2” by Brundlefly & The Swede

The first two minutes remind me a whole lot of Matt Pond PA, especially the song “Snow Day”. Somewhere around the 3:00 mark, the song makes a slight turn in the direction of prog rock with a couple of different organs, but the way that violin plays keeps it much closer to Matt Pond. There’s a section from about 5:30 to about 6:30 that borders on “art rock”, with a Jethro Tull-esque flute, acoustic guitar and lots more organs.Then into something that isn’t entirely unlike “southern rock” for a couple of minutes. Around 9:30, it starts to sound a bit like some of the Mark Kozelek solo stuff. Then, to bring it full circle, the last minute and a half are back to the Matt Pond PA sound.

You can buy Cabin Music in your choice of vinyl, CD, or digital download from the Brundlefly & The Swede bandcamp page.

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