08.09.13 — “Ark of Life” by Minks

Minks (Sean Kilfoyle)

If you only listen to one song today, make it “Ark of Life” by Minks (2013, from the album Tides End)

Minks is an indie-pop/synth-pop recording project of Brooklynite Sean Kilfoyle. The project started as a bedroom recording thing in 2010, and although the Minks live band has as many as six members, Minks is most likely just the work of Kilfoyle. He released the first album By The Hedge via Captured Tracks Records in 2011, and at that time, the Danish singer Amalie Bruun was part of Minks. She’s not anymore, but if you’re really paying attention, you may recognize her name as half of the Brooklyn noise-pop/indie pop band Ex Cops, who I will be seeing at the Hopscotch Music Festival next month.

Between the debut album and the brand new sophomore release, there were a couple of singles, but not much. Kilfoyle moved to the East End of Long Island to unblock the writer’s block that he was experiencing. This is where John Steinbeck, Andy Warhol, Jackson Pollack, Kurt Vonnegut and many other artists and writers would go when they needed unblocking. During his stay there, he happened upon a once grand, but decaying estate called TIDES’ END. The children of the owners were ridding themselves of the estate and all of its trappings. Kilfoyle ended up buying a painting named “Margot” there. That painting is the inspiration for and the namesake of one of the songs from the new album. The album’s title itself comes from the name of that estate.

Minks is a band that I hadn’t heard of until I saw the aforementioned song “Margot” in my soundcloud feed. Then, yesterday, I got something in the mailbag about an album release party tonight in Brooklyn. Obviously, I won’t be able to make it to that. The album was released this week on Captured Tracks, and as is usual with CT, there’s a special run of vinyl. The first 300 copies are on orange vinyl.

While “Margot” is getting a bunch of press right now, I’m all about “Ark of Life”. This is that song.

“Ark of Life” by Minks

It’s sort of bright and poppy, but I’m really drawn to the refrain:

Because I’ll probably die before I’m 25
I’ll never fall in love
I’ll never get to be your bride

You can buy a digital version of Tides End from the amazon store here. If you want that orange vinyl, order it from the Captured Tracks web store here. Just prepare yourself for the fact that CT isn’t exactly “speedy” with their shipping. Even on pre-orders.

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