08.30.13 — “New Year” by The Breeders

The reason for this post tonight is threefold. First, today –August 30– is the 20th anniversary of the release of The Breeders’ fantastic 1993 sophomore album Last Splash. Second, it’s to remind you that you should buy the 20th anniversary re-release of the album. It’s full of b-sides, live stuff, demos and other fun stuff. It’s outstanding. Buy it here. The third and final reason is that The Breeders are playing at the Hopscotch Music Festival next weekend. Their Hopscotch set, like the others on their tour, will consist of Last Splash from start to finish (and I’ll assume a few b-sides and others). It should be a doozy.

To celebrate all of this, here’s a video of The Breeders playing a 2013 version of “Last Splash”

Yeah. That’s the gals in 2013. And Kelley is absolutely killing it. If this is any indication of how their show should be, I’m in for a real treat. Let’s face it, though… I’m going to love it even if they play like crap. I saw the Pixies twice at the tail end of their prime and then again in 2011, but I never saw The Breeders while they were active.

I can’t say it enough. Even if you already have Last Splash and all of the LS-era singles and EPs, you need to get this. The packaging alone is worth the price of the thing. USA customers get the 3xCD version here. The vinyl 7xLP version got delayed a bit, but it will be available starting September 2. Details are here.

Tickets for Hopscotch are still available here.

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One response to “08.30.13 — “New Year” by The Breeders

  • wjpurdy

    Their performance at Pitchfork this year was profoundly disappointing, for a lot of reasons (many of which I am sure we’ll be discussing next weekend).

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