09.03.13 — “Sold” by Aisha Burns

Aisha Burns

If you only listen to one song today, make it “Sold” by Aisha Burns (2013, from the forthcoming album Life in the Midwater).

Aisha Burns is an indie-folk musician from Austin, Texas. She started playing violin at the age of ten, and for the last six years, she’s been playing violin and electric guitar in the Rachels-esque mostly instrumental chamber-folk band Balmorhea. Vocals in Balmorhea songs are few and far between, and Burns usually provides them. Apart from that, she’s been “secret singing” for some time, which started her in the direction of this solo project. She doesn’t do much guitar stuff in Balmorhea, but most of the songs on her solo record are written for guitar. It’s a big change for her, and one which should be met with critical acclaim.

Until this morning, I had only heard “of” Balmorhea, but I’d never listened to them. It’s a shame, because they’re great. Since this morning, I’ve downloaded one of their albums and I’ll be getting another soon. That’s stuff for a different day.

I got an email this morning promoting a new song by Aisha Burns –“Requiem”– which is being premiered over at American Songwriter. I strongly suggest going over there to listen to the song. It’s amazing. Again, here’s the link. I really, really love “Requiem” in part because it reminds me of the magnificent Sharon Van Etten. To be really specific, “Requiem” has a violin drone running through it, and that’s one of the reasons that it makes me think specifically of the SVE song “Joke Or a Lie”. As much as I adore “Requiem” (which I’ve listened to about 12 times today), and as much as I urge you to visit ASW and listen to it a bunch of times, I’ve got something else for you.

“Sold” by Aisha Burns

Burns’ guitar playing style is different from that of Van Etten, and this song is at a slower tempo, but I’ll still say that as a whole package, her songs remind me of SVE.

There’s something, in a much less specific way, that makes me think of the song “Somewhere in My Heart” by the ridiculously talented Jessica Lea Mayfield.

So what I’m saying is that Aisha Burns is in some pretty good company. If the rest of the album is as good as the two songs that I’ve heard, it’ll be a very good album.

The album, by the way, comes out on September 17. You can pre-order a copy in the format of your choice from the Western Vinyl web store here.

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